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Cedric Keenan

The removal industry is no different than any other, in the sense that companies rely on finding new customers to keep their business running.

In today’s world, you often hear about online marketing and get advice on how to spend more of your budget on marketing campaigns. But we forget the basics and tend to always complicate things when looking for solutions.

Do you want to increase your chances of booking clients? Here are 4 of the most resource-efficient ways to do it:

Introduce your team - make it personal

Trust is an essential factor in the selection process for customers. From the moment they let strangers into their house when they wave them goodbye when you are driving away with their belongings, to when they finally meet you again at the final destination. For this reason, not only will your reputation matter but also the personal connection you create with them in the early stages. Here are two ways to help you build a connection with your potential customers:

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Cedric Keenan 
Business Development

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