4 ways to get more clients!

Cedric Keenan

The removal industry is no different than any other, in the sense that companies rely on finding new customers to keep their business running.

In today’s world, you often hear about online marketing and get advice on how to spend more of your budget on marketing campaigns. But we forget the basics and tend to always complicate things when looking for solutions. 

Do you want to increase your chances of booking clients? Here are 4 of the most resource-efficient ways to do it:

Introduce your team - make it personal

Trust is an essential factor in the selection process for customers. From the moment they let strangers into their house when they wave them goodbye when you are driving away with their belongings, to when they finally meet you again at the final destination. For this reason, not only will your reputation matter but also the personal connection you create with them in the early stages. Here are two ways to help you build a connection with your potential customers:

1. Put a face to the name – include a section on your website where you show a picture of each member of your team

2. Publish short introduction videos – let the members of your team introduce themselves

Allowing them to meet your team will create that extra personal connection before they even meet them in person!

Include an introductory document on your website – Including history, core values, mission and vision

Reputation is what allows your company to stand out compared to all players in the industry. But once you have made it on the short-list of 5 or 10 companies that the customer is considering, how do you make sure you are the one?

Not only are your capabilities being looked at, but also what sort of company you are, how you have handled previous situations and conflicts, and what your position is with regard to global challenges. Create an introductory document which includes the following information:

  • Detailed company history – How did it start, how did you get here
  • Company mission and vision – What are your goals for the future
  • Company core values – What values do you stand for
  • What drives you to do what you do

Not only will this help you define yourself to your customers, but also create a better dynamic within your team!

Partner up with other non-competing firms: provide more and better services

Moving is not only a stressful process for customers but can also be challenging in terms of organisation. For this reason, customers tend to prefer having all aspects of their move handled by one single company. Expanding your service portfolio can help you gain an advantage over your competition. However, not only does it require the knowledge, but also the resources and the manpower to be able to handle all those services when necessary.

Creating partnerships with other firms that provide services you don’t will not only allow you to reach more customers thanks to the wide variety of services you offer but also increase the feeling of reliability, with customers being assured that all different aspects of their move are being handled by experts.

Update the quote form on your website – the added value

What customers are looking for in today’s world is specific and accurate information regarding what they want, while spending the shortest amount of time possible looking for it. It has become so important that it can make the difference between customers choosing you or choosing someone else. Because of this, simple and user-friendly websites are what people appreciate most.

In your case, the paramount part of your website is your quote form, since it is what brings you the customers. Your quote form needs to be up to date, both with the services you offer and with what current customers are looking for. Some of the key aspects that you need to keep in mind are:

  • Make it user-friendly
  • Keep it short
  • Give some freedom but not too much

The most important is that customers submit the form, so make it as easy and short as possible so that they complete it. Avoid making it too long, but make sure you have some details to at least have an idea of what the customer is looking for. Concentrate on the important things, the rest you can manage once you have reached out to them.

These are our 4 resource-efficient ways to attract more clients and potentially increase your business opportunities. Do not waste time and start implementing these features today! Have you used any of the above? Make sure to reach out at info@triglobal.org and let us know of your results!


Cedric Keenan 
Business Development

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