03 may 2019

The 21st century Review-War. A 4-step plan to win each battle.

Nowadays, competition is getting tougher. Word of mouth and reputation is not enough to convince today’s customer to choose your brand, and to guarantee your success for the years to come. Every customer is fought over by multiple moving companies, and reviews are your front line soldiers.

Lagging behind can be a massive disadvantage, particularly if your competitors are on top of their game and you’re not. Reviews are an unavoidable tool to generate business, so it’s time to get your battle plan together.

In our previous article, ‘5 facts about the power of reviews’: we couldn’t stress more how reviews can make the difference to prospective customers. “Just one review can boost conversion rates by 10%, […] and at 200 reviews, the conversion rate could rise by a stunning 44%.”

Let us help you with a 5-step plan to improve your review strategy and win the Review war, without causing casualties to your business.

1. Plan the moment to strike

Timing is paramount to getting the perfect review
This can either be directly after the move, when their experience is still “fresh” on their mind, or a few days after, when the customers have settled in their new house. Ask them how they are enjoying their new home, and if there is anything more you can do for them. When they respond positively, your response should be: ”Thank you, would you be willing to refer me?”.

2. Choose the right weapons

The easier it is for your client to leave a review, the higher the chances are that they will.
Make sure your client knows where to evaluate you online. You can, for example, add a QR code of your online profile to your business card. Alternatively, send them an email with a direct link to the review platform where you feature, such as Sirelo, Trustpilot or Google.

3. Better too late than never to call in reinforcements  

Not getting a response? That’s ok.
Add it to your weekly to-do list, to check and monitor what is being said about your business. Even better, ask review platforms to inform you as soon as a review gets published on your profile so you’re receiving updates in real time.

4. Appreciate the victory

Do not forget this simple yet important step!
Many online reviews go uncommented because companies don’t deem a reply important. However, replying to your client´s review will go a long way. It will make them feel heard and only improve their opinion of you. We suggest that you amaze your client by thanking them personally. Why not send a special gift whilst they settle into their home?

Chances that they will recommend you to their friends and certainly not forget you the next time they’re looking to move.

This 4 step plan has been created by a team of tactical experts, who want you to succeed in the review battle. Let us know what you think by sending your comments to mail@triglobal.org.

Giorgio Genta

Manager Partner Desk

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