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19 juli 2019

Trustpilot, Sirelo, Google – We review the Review Platforms!

A comparison of 3 commonly used review platforms to help you understand how each can affect your business

19 juli 2019

The 21st century Review-War

A 4-step plan to win each battle. Nowadays, competition is getting tougher. Word of mouth and reputation is not enough to convince today’s...

19 juli 2019

Avoid being misrepresented online

Imagine you have 4000 visitors to your website, and your contact details are incorrect. You would change that right? So, why wouldn’t you change...

28 FEBRUARY 2019

Negative reviews; the new positive

It is impossible to please every customer in the way you’d like to. No matter how well you handle your business, it’s inevitable that...

12 FEBRUARY 2019

Online marketing doesn’t always have to cost you

Is your online marketing costing you more than it’s worth? Are you so focused on paid advertising that you’ve forgotten to exploit the free channels?

21 JANUARY 2019

5 facts about the power of reviews

Regardless if you deliver the best service in the market, or pride yourself on excellent attention to detail; you will struggle to grow your...

11 DECEMBER 2018 

New Load Exchange system 

Innovation and technology are hot topics in the moving industry these days. The recent PAIMA and IAM conferences...

8 OCTOBER 2018

IAM 2018

The 56th annual conference at the National Harbour, Maryland was better than ever! It is always a pleasure to see so...

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