25 February 2020
4 inevitable culture changes to attract motivated new employees

Élise Lindron

Business Development

Movers wanted! Lots of heavy boxes to carry, lots of stairs to go up and down, lots of time stuck in traffic. We offer long hours, low salary and ungrateful clients. A great job, not be proud of!

It doesn’t look like an attractive job advert; right? So, who will be the ones that will be brave enough to step in? The answer is: Millennials!

It is inevitable, generation Y is entering the marketplace and looking for jobs. How will your company attract the new generation of movers that will help you sustain and grow your business? What are they looking for in a job? How can they share our passion? How can they stay engaged within industry?

It’s a time of adaptation within our industry, and our passion will be the key to success! The young generation dream of travelling, working abroad, and discovering new cultures. They are definitely looking to work for a company that can make those dreams come true. Here are 4 inevitable culture changes needed to attract the Millenniums.

1. Leadership & positivity

Start thinking positively and broadcast your success. Movers support people at an important stage of their lives, we aim to guide customers through a smooth and easy change in their lives. Without movers, relocating to the outside of the world would not even be possible – we are part of people’s dreams – and what about your company specifically? What great success story or inspiring innovation, have you experienced in the past few years? You need to become a leader by showing examples of success and stay approachable.

Example: Showcase your company as the company of the 21st century. By acting like a mover from the future, the young generations will be tempted to follow you.

2. Work versus career

Millennials are not looking for just any job or pay-check. They are looking for personal fulfilment. To attract them, you need to focus on engagement, purpose, and the contribution of the job; what goes beyond the work exchange. They will most likely focus on the global appeal and conditions, instead of only a salary.

Examples: If they want to find a balance between personal and professional life, be open to part-time positions. You can also offer them trainings with opportunities to grow.

3. Technology & social environment

We always imagine that Millennials are glued to video games, smartphones, or any other form of technology, and from all the Millennials working within our team, we can tell you that it’s true! Generation Y is raised in a technological world that is innovating very quickly and they expect to work for a company that follows the same trend. You can attract new employees with innovative technology to facilitate their work and social interaction. Most likely, as they learn more about your technology, they will become the individuals that create and drive technological innovation within your company.

Example: You could install an internal app to help employees connect with each other online, even when they are moving far away. You could implement driving feedback based on smartphone data, after each of their road trip.

4. Eco-responsibility consciousness

Millennials are becoming increasing aware of eco-responsibility and their own ecological footprint. Therefore, working within the removal industry, which includes a lot of high emission modes of transport, is not the most attractive job to fit with their values. However, you can develop initiatives to regulate your company’s ecological footprint. Once again, by being exemplary, Millennials will be proud to be join an organisation with values that align with their own.

Example: You could give them bonuses for fuel efficiency based on their driving skills. You could give them plastic reusable boxes for each move they are involved in.

These culture changes can be challenging but they need to happen for your business to sustain long term meaningful growth. You need to get the right people and keep them focus on excellence.

To do so, you can lead their passion by been who they want you to be. With their passion, they will then work with perseverance and care to create your very own success story.

To learn more on how to attract Millennials in the moving industry, read our “Millennials Employment Guide” that we designed especially for you! You can ask for it by sending an e-mail to ‘’.

Élise Lindron

Business Development

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