3 November 2020
8 reasons why lead providers are better fishermen! 

Barbara van den Ende

Business Development

Leads, they are out there. There is a whole sea full of them. To catch them, you have two options.

  1.  Build a website that is search engine optimised and has good UX. In addition, you would have to excel at Adwords and have sufficient trained members of staff to continue to monitor and improve these things, OR...
  2. Work with a lead generator who will do the heavy lifting for you, while you focus on your forte: moving people.

Now it is more important than ever to reduce overhead costs and to get finances under control. Focus on your core business and let specialists do some heavy lifting for you. Think of the fisherman with a single rod competing against shipping trawlers that sweep the ocean floor, catching the best fish and discarding the rest.

If you are not yet convinced, here are eight reasons why working with a lead provider is better than fishing yourself.

1. Tailored account settings

You can tailor your account to your specific needs. In other words, you can receive moving requests which perfectly fit your business model.

Hint: Tailor your account in such a way that you highlight your strengths as a mover.

2. Trust the Experts

Put your trust in the hands of experts. Lead providers know just about everything when it comes to marketing and advertising in the mobility sector. That’s why they employ specialists who are trained in Adwords, Search Engine Optimisation, Search Engine Advertising, User Experience, and so on. Refined searches executed by experienced professionals ensure that money spent has the best chance of attracting new business. If you were to do your advertising in house, costs would pile up. With a lead provider, there is usually no subscription fee and all you pay for are the leads.

Hint: Lead providers often have a high ranking on Google. Therefore, if you also have a strong organic business and put your head together with a lead provider, you are likely to pop up multiple times when customers first search for you.

3. Quality checks

Lead providers often perform quality checks. Not all leads become new bookings. However, it is also in the lead providers’ interest to send you customers with the highest likelihood of converting. When you advertise yourself, performing quality checks would be time-consuming and costly.

Hint: At TriGlobal, we check all the moving requests we receive, discarding 30% of them to ensure the best chance of conversion. We still pay for these, but don’t believe you should. You don’t get this luxury on your own website.

4. Returning Requests

Lead providers usually allow you to return a certain percentage of your leads, which you cannot do with your own ads. If you come across leads that are not genuine, or the customer is unreachable, leads can be refunded. 

Hint: If you collect your own leads via Google there is no way of returning them if they are not genuine. So, by having the possibility to return a lead you save money.

5. Cheaper Costs

The leads business model makes your clicks cheaper as costs are shared with your competitors. Also, the movers you compete with are qualified movers since there is usually a selection process.

Hint: When you advertise yourself, you compete with the entire Google market. At TriGlobal the pool you compete with is never too large as each moving request is strictly matched to a maximum of four other removal companies.

6. Cashflow

During a crisis, cashflow is sacred. Movers are careful not too high overheads and to control their costs. A lead provider can keep the customer channels open at a very moderate and controlled budget based on the customer’s needs. 

Hint: Lead generators manage everything for you, all you need to manage is your account with the lead generators.

7. Flexibility 

There is flexibility. If you are going on holiday or have a chaotic period where you cannot keep up with all your leads, you can hit the pause button. Most leads providers offer this, or the option to cap your account for several weeks per year. As a result, you do not waste money on leads that you can’t attend.

Hint: You can do this with your own advertising, but it is either complicated or it will cost you to do so in your campaign on Google.

8. Languages

Lead providers fish in the ocean in many languages. They operate in multiple languages, ensuring optimal results with their advertising efforts. Their website, marketing, and advertising are tailored to multiple cultures. Customers you otherwise would never have come across become within your reach!

Hint: The advantage is that you reach customers that you otherwise would not. Currently, we specialise in eight different languages, allowing you to connect to a worldwide network of potential customers and sales channels. 

The overarching message is this: it pays off to locate your weaknesses and let other professionals fill that gap. Let the coveted fisherman catch your fish while you put your energy into being an expert in your field. 

Done with fishing in the ocean? Call us now to start saving costs and increase your bookings!

Barbara van den Ende

Business Development

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