13 march 2019
Avoid being misrepresented online

Raúl Quintanar

Business Development

Imagine you have 4000 visitors to your website, and your contact details are incorrect. You would change that right? So, why wouldn’t you change this on all your online public profiles?!

We usually check and update websites we initiate but forget to check and update external websites hosted by others. Both have a huge impact on our online presence.

1. Type your company name into Google

Pretend you are an online customer searching for your company. Simply type in your business name and see what appears. If you have never done this before, the results can be surprising. This is the first experience a user has with your company.

2. Check which search results appear

Pay attention to what search results appear first. It could be your website, your Google listing, your Social Media profiles (Facebook, LinkedIn) or review platforms (, This gives you an impression of how visible you are and where you’re being represented online.

3. Request access to your company profiles

Some of these profiles may require log-in details. Make sure to contact each website provider if you don’t have access to these profiles yet.  Be aware that some sites require a paid service.

4. Update these profiles

Here are 3 essential things that should appear in each profile:

  • Company contact details (phone number including country code, email, office address)
  • Description of the services provided, including how that can benefit your clients.
  • Quality labels, awards and accreditations to show the legitimacy and quality of your business to new customers who don’t know you.
5. Don’t forget to also check for online reviews

Some public profiles offer review possibilities. Be aware of these sites, and always reply as this is part of ensuring your profile is updated! Check out our previous article: ‘The power of reviews’ to learn more.

Your feedback is valuable to us.

Which profile did you update?

Show off your updated profile by sharing the link on our LinkedIn post. 

Stay tuned for our upcoming “Review challenge”. We will tackle this topic in more detail and show you how to take the next step in improving your online visibility.

Raúl Quintanar

Business Development

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