21 APRIL 2020
Customer service: why you are doing it wrong and here is how you can improve!

Sam Dallow

Business Development

In the extremely competitive world we live in, trying to be the best at what you do is simply not enough anymore. The increased competition pushes you to make decisions that affect your business: offering extra services to stand out compared to others, which impacts your costs, or simply offering cheaper rates to increase chances of booking the move, which impacts your revenues.

Customer Service encompasses all internal and external communication, promoting the beliefs, attitudes and ethics of the company. It goes a lot further than just how you deal with complaints when they come in. It is how you interact on a daily basis with everyone surrounding the company. It’s basically how you present yourself to the world. 

It is important as it paves the way to creating more meaningful encounters and building prosperous relationships, allowing your company to grow and succeed. That’s why it’s key that the message, tone and language is appropriate for each situation. Much easier said than done! But once it has been understood, it will start to come naturally.

To get you started, we have compiled a list of 4 different tips to improve customer service:

Tip 1: Manage expectations from the start

Clearly outlining the different steps involved in a move and managing expectations from the start are critical in improving customer service. Reason for this is that customers are often unaware of the true cost of moving to a new home. This is especially true for any additional costs such customs, storage and delays. Conflict can emerge from this as customers might feel as if they have been cheated and it could result in an argument over payment or delivery of goods. Ring a bell? 

Our Suggestion
Be open from the start about what the move involves, let your customers know what they can expect, and what they shouldn’t. Involve your customers in the process and keep them updated on any unexpected developments!

It is also important to consider the under-lying relationship in any encounter, as it forms the groundwork of the conversation. It’s important to value what the relationship is to yourself and communicate in a manner that falls in line with these values. This also means that no is an option. Be honest with each other. There are 2 parties in each dialogue that can find a solution. If you are clear where you stand and are honest to each other, it will form the bases of a trusted relationship. 

Changes to start today:  Outline the clear differences in pricing based on the volume of the move and make customers aware of any additional charges which might occur from the start!

Tip 2:  Create Relationships

What is worse than being sent from one person to another, when all you want is simply the answer to your question? Your customers feel the same! Whether it’s customers wanting information about their moves, or suppliers wanting to discuss daily business, it all comes down to customer relationship management.

Our suggestion
It may be extremely obvious but being respectful is the most important step in any encounter, no matter the situation. Keeping a respectful tone and listening intently is key when handling a tricky situation. But remember, that being on the receiving end of abuse is not ok and not easy for anyone. If you feel attacked consider the relationship first, rather than the behaviour produced, refrain from responding similarly and worsening the situation.

It might be an idea to call back later in the day or the next day when emotions have calmed down and a constructive conversation can occur.  An alternative would be to assign a go-to person for each specific case, which helps build a personal relationship with your customers. In the case something goes wrong, it makes it easier to have a positive dialogue with them instead of an argument. The point is to create a more personal relationship with each customer.  

Changes to start today: Provide a direct number to an assigned employee, creating a contact person for each customer.

Tip 3: Incorporating trustfulness

Ever had problems with deliveries in the destination country? The agent you are using has delayed the process and the customer is blaming you? Creating a trustful relationship from the start is key to maintaining a smooth move.

Our suggestion
Be open about the information and show transparency. Even when the situation is tough, keeping communication clear and simple will provide a platform to have an open dialogue. Giving people time to ask open questions and going into listening mode will increase trust and overall image of your company. Transparency is the key to open communication.

Most companies think it’s sufficient just to pick up the goods and deliver them. However, it is important to consider all the different needs and wants of the customer.

Changes to start today:  Check up on your customers during different stages of the move, even if it’s just to see how they are doing, even if there is no specific reason. They will be appreciative!

Tip 4: Two-way communication

Has it ever happened that you neglected a customer’s feedback, and then received the same from another customer at a later point? Customers can also help you improve, and help you meet the needs of future customers. Be open to feedback, positive or negative, and act upon it.  Slight changes might make the difference in reaching new customers!

Our Suggestion
Give people time to ask questions but be ready to ask your own. Get different types of feedback on all aspects of the service. Not only about the move itself, but ask open questions on general communication, response rates, and customer service. Then be critical of oneself.

Learn from your customers: customers opinions on how to improve your operations should be taken into consideration. Ask for feedback, especially the negative! They will respect you as you are constantly looking to improve your services.  This could be done by including a direct chat box on your website that sends a notification every time someone needs help or needs a quick answer.

Changes to start today: Included a chat box on your website where people can directly communicate with you and send feedback or questions.

Incorporating all aspects of customer service effectively can be challenging but it needs to be addressed to achieve long term growth. This doesn’t only include communication from your own employees, but all the suppliers that meet the customer!

Go the extra mile! Go for the extra smile :)

Want to plan a meeting with us to get a relationship started? Make sure to schedule a meeting here. Go to our chat box and tell us how we can improve!! 

Sam Dallow

Business Development

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