28 november 2019
Digital surveys – why you should join the movement

Ellena Branke

Business Development

Do you spend hours in traffic to get to your appointment and then the customer cancels the appointment last-minute? Have you ever conducted a survey and it ends up that the consumer is only moving two items? How much money have you wasted on physical surveys?

You need clever solutions to tackle inefficiencies in your everyday business and need to act smarter than you did yesterday. Innovate your processes and use your limited resources the best way you can. Sounds easier than it is, we agree.

One of these smart technologies are Digital Surveys. The goal of this digital version of a survey is to conduct it more efficient. You won´t lose any quality in your service while reducing your costs and diversifying your service.

We believe that Digital Surveys are an inevitable part of the future of the industry.
Here are 5 reasons why:

1. Save time

Use your time wisely. Digital surveys will save you time spent going to people’s homes and back. Avoid traffic jams and far off locations by implementing an online solution. You can use the extra time gained to invest more time in your marketing campaigns, teaching your staff new skills, focusing on partner relations and growing your network.

TIP: Allocate the extra time to new projects so you can measure the benefits you are getting out of conducting digital surveys.

2. Save money

Physical surveys cost a lot, whether it is your own surveyor or an external party. In Central Europe, a mover spends on average 200€ per survey. Digital surveys will provide you with the same information about the move, while cutting your costs quite a lot! You will save time and personnel resources, which you can then invest in other parts of your business.

TIP: Analyse how much a physical survey costs you, so that you can compare it to the costs of an online survey. Know your numbers!

3. ADAPT (because customer still is king)

It may sound contradictory: Consumers want to compare moving companies, without having all of them come into their home. A large number of consumers want to handle things online, especially the younger generation! For this specific target group, online surveys will help you fulfill their desire and make them happy. Eventually they will refer your service to friends, leave reviews and help your business grow.

TIP: Adapt and give your customers the chance to choose between physical or digital surveys.

4. More flexibility

It can be difficult to schedule an appointment at times. You are busy during the day; you get stuck in traffic and evenings are spent with family or friends. Your customers are exactly the same.

How do you make time with such busy schedules? Digital surveys provide more flexibility when it comes to booking appointments and will make your customer´s life easier.

TIP: be aware that some appointments may be conducted in the morning or evening, so adapt your employee´s working hours to make sure someone is ready to conduct surveys at these hours.

5. Expand your reach

Implementing digital surveys means than you can expand your operational reach by a great distance. Moves that you would have never even considered surveying, now become a business opportunity! You can eliminate the costly factor of driving to far-off locations and still conduct the survey. This equals more business opportunities and growth for you.

TIP: Take it one region at a time, to slowly increase your reach and not try and do it all at once. Once you feel more comfortable conducting these digital surveys, the options are limitless!

Now, we don´t believe in completely cutting out physical surveys. Digital surveys should complement your current services to better target your customers and provide a better service to them. Your services will become more efficient as the consumer will tell you what they want. You can then look at catering to a specific customer request.

Evaluate the demand of digital survey in your target group after 3-4 months of having it implemented. This way you will better understand your target group and adapt your services further according to the result of your analysis!

If this article has made you curious, contact us at for a list of softwares and technologies that exist in the industry for digital surveys! Working with movers all over the world, we know how different countries conduct their digital survery. We have therefore collected concrete examples of digital survey methods that movers are using already and that you can also implement in your business!

If you have any questions about online surveys, feel free to contact our experts at!

Ellena Branke

Business Development

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