4 MAY 2020
Easy digital tools to improve your business efficiency

Élise Lindron

Business Development

Are you a real mover?
If yes, this might sound familiar:

  • Always on the go, lacking time for everything, even for extra sales during the summer.
  • Getting stuck in traffic, sometimes with your GPS sending your truck in impossibly small roads.
  • Struggling to get your agents on the phone because of unstable international networks.
  • Neglecting customers’ appreciation after their moves. Despite the indirect source of future income, you just do not have the time!
  • And the list goes on…

Well, there is ONE solution to solve all the above at once: Going Digital!

The moving industry is not the leading example of a digital market. But don’t get scared! We have compiled for you a list of useful digital tools with which you can get started. We specifically choose easy and customer friendly websites/applications, so you can dive into the digital world, one step at a time.

So, carefully read our advice on to improve your efficiency by saving time, saving money, and improving your stakeholders’ relationships.

Before the move

Sales are the spine of your business! However, it can be frustrating to spend a lot of time and money on it. Here are the tools that will help you get through it more efficiently.

1. Video call applications 
Skype; WhatsApp; WeChat; Messenger 

Picture this; you need to visit the client’s home to evaluate the volume and specifics of their move. However, you get stuck in traffic and your appointment is cancelled, or, you spent money on gas and employee hours, and you don’t get the move! Is this efficient?

We believe that digital surveys are an important step for your business to save time and money on this important sales process. Organizing a simple digital video call will allow you to have one-on-one communication with your client – just like if you were at their place! But don’t forget that the client is king, so you should be able to adapt your video tool to them! Here are the best digital tools that you could implement as a choice for your prospects: Skype, WhatsApp, WeChat, Messenger!

Tips to use it:
Use the free features of these applications and make sure to create business accounts to keep your branding professional.

2. Online volume calculator;;;;; 

Knowing the exact volume of the move is the Holy Grail for setting up a quote, isn’t it? But it is not easy to evaluate. It depends on various factors, such as whether the furniture can be dissembled or not, whether fragile items need special boxes or even the nesting of each item. It is a complicated and time-consuming task!
You need to use a digital volume calculator to save time and effort. The tool will calculate the volume for you. Even the specifics can be added to the calculator and it will guarantee you can adjuste the volume for an accurate quote. Sirelo has designed a calculator in six languages, making it easy to use as it divides items per room. You simply add the belongings that the customer would bring during the move, into the volume calculator. Then it will automatically provide you with the total volume needed to quote. Your sales team will become more efficient and independent in a very short amount of time.

Tips to use it:
Give the links to your sales teams, in the corresponding language and make sure they use it directly during the survey! The volume will then be generated right in front of the client and can bring up the first talk of price nicely. 

3. Long-distance shared files 
Microsoft Teams

So now you got your lead, your volume and consumer remarks. Awesome. You are almost ready to send them the quote! There is one small setback though, you need to send all the information to your administrative team. You call them back and forth for additional changes because you do not have access to the document anymore, and in the end, they mix up the paperwork due to all emails referring to different clients. This will result in a delayed quoting process, meanwhile, the client is waiting and becoming impatient.

You need to organize your files digitally to avoid confusion and allow multiple people to have access to it. For this particular funcution, you can use applications such as SharePoint or Dropbox. However, we advise you to use Microsoft teams as it links directly to your Outlook account and allows you to have live discussion links to specific files. That way you know which client you are talking about and you can both easily follow the quote form and any additional required documents. It will speed-up your process as everything can be done digitally: even with employees working from home or when a salesperson stuck in traffic, the client will receive a detailed offer in record time.

Tips to use it:
Create one ‘team’ in the application per sales team and one ‘under-channel’ per client. Each salesperson will be able to access only their files and your administrative team will be discussing with the dedicated person about the right client, without any mistake.

During the move 

Now comes the move, but again it is not an easy journey. When picking up the clients goods on the other side of the globe,  there are quite a few problems that can occur. Smart digital solutions can help you increase your effieciency with several issues. 

4. Intelligent GPS 

Where would drivers be without GPS nowadays?! Then again, not all GPS devices are valuable. Remember the crazy stories about when your crew got stuck on a one-way road that was too small, or when your crew was delayed 5 hours because the GPS took a detour that took them right into traffic caused by a recent accident! 

We advise using an intelligent GPS that recalculates your route depending on the situation further ahead. Waze, for example, allows you to know what’s ahead and suggests you take the shorter route instead of getting stuck in traffic. Your crew will get to the client faster and more relaxed, the key to a good service.

Tips to use it:
Don’t forget to select the size of your vehicle so Waze can guide you through routes where the vehicle is allowed. 

5. International calls 

Good job, the load is now shipped, but you still need to coordinate the delivery with your partner or agent in the destination country. Communication is key for you to manage the process and serve the consumer better. However, it is a nightmare to call internationally. You forget the prefix number of each country, the calls are so expensive and you have to deal with different time zones!

It is time to adapt your system with a cloud-based phone application! That way, you will not depend anymore on your power or internet connection to make and receive calls. RingCentral is a good example to manage international calls. Adjust your agenda with the time zone and connect with the final crew of the move to make sure that everything goes smoothly. At a very low cost, you will now be able to call every country, increase efficiency and increase your logistic management.

Tips to use it:
Add multiple users for all your employees and synchronize your professional contacts to not miss any calls.

After the move

Congratulations, your job is done! Or is it? Now that the biggest part of customer service and indirect sales starts. You need to take care of the follow-up of your client: they could be a potential future client; they could change your reputation with reviews, and they could spread out your name to additional prospects… All of this sounds great, but you just do not have time for it, especially since there is no instant profit! 

6. Agile automated marketing platform 
Active Campaign

You always planned to give the best service possible to your client. In an ideal world, you would write all of them a small email after the move to see how they experienced your service; and another email 6 months later to ask how they are doing in their new location. It is the right thing to do to portray your brand image and deliver the WOW your clients expect. But do you really have time to write all of these emails when 12 prospects are waiting for their quotes, 3 pickup crews need additional help and 1 agent cancelled last minute and you need to find a replacement!?

The answer is actually YES. You can send them all those emails and it does not have to take you any time. Customer service is not to be neglected, indeed, it will become the key to your success. Using an agile and automated marketing platform, you simply need to write a series of emails once; and it will be sent automatically to your client on a regular time-schedule during and after their move. Active Campaign, for example, is suitable for small to mid-sized companies. This software  allows you to combine email marketing, marketing automation, sales automation, and CRM categories. You will gain time, improve your customer service and spread your brand image all at once.

Tips to use it:
Personalize your emails with the name of your clients and the cities/ countries they moved! The attention to detail will make them remember you forever.

7. Review invitations 

Online reviews (Google, Facebook, Trustpilot, Sirelo): it feels like the world is judging us with only this nowadays! It is true, clients’ reviews are very impactful for your reputation and your future sales. Unfortunately, the 1% of your clients whose move did not go perfectly represent 90% of all the reviews written under your companies’ profiles online. What an unfair business!

Don’t worry, digital tools exist to help you get good reviews and manage your online reputations. The platform Sirelo provides you with pre-completed review invitations to send to your clients. You just need to add the name and email address for your customer, and they will receive an email that will directly link them to your page on Sirelo. It takes no time and will result in great scores on your profile. You can simply connect to the TriGlobal Mover Portal in order to have access to the tool. Additionally, for countries where the tool might not be available, or for review invitations on other platforms; the Sirelo team can also create personalized invitation template that you can use. You can simply ask for them via email (, they are available in 6 languages.

Tips to use it:
Always ask for a 5-stars review! It is easy to formulate in your email and it will guide customers to think about the positive aspects of their moves.

Life seems pretty easy when we add some digital tools to it, right?! Indeed, that’s how you will improve your efficiency, reduce your costs, expand your reputation and save time. Furthermore, it is how you will become a leader in the moving industry!

These easy tools are the first step of your growth and they do not require difficult technical knowledge. Of course, this list is not exhaustive, and you are already a step ahead on the digital level, we will be happy to share with you our additional Applications & Digital Tools Set. Request your gift today by sending an email to

Élise Lindron

Business Development

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