8 OCTOBER 2018
IAM 2018

Brielle Jones

Business Development

The 56th annual conference at the National Harbour, Maryland was better than ever! It is always a pleasure to see so many of our worldwide partners, and also meet new moving companies wanting to benefit from our services.
During the conference, notable sessions and discussions focused on innovation and technology, which was certainly close to our hearts. We were enthusiastic to hear associations talking positively about technology and how it can be best used in practice. Collaboration was another key point on the agenda, and it could not come in better timing for the launch of our latest tool, the Load Exchange.

Similar to last year, we aim to launch a new tool for movers, in an attempt to keep creating technology that reduces inefficiency in this moving industry. The Load Exchange is now live, and a free platform that moving companies can use to connect and exchange loads with one another. We want movers to be more efficient on the road, which ultimately helps them save money. What is even more exciting, it’s free.

The Sirelo moving platform also saw an expansion into new regions. We are happy to see so many movers benefiting from the online exposure it creates, and the interaction is facilitates with online consumers. For questions about this service or becoming a review partners, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Lastly, a big thanks for the IAM organising committee as we did work hard, but also had a great time in the process!

Until next year.

The TriGlobal Team

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