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2 Febuary 2021
Female Leadership in the Moving Industry

Ellena Branke 

Business Development

The topic of Female Leadership in the moving industry has been the topic of some great dialogues held during both conferences and webinars in which both women and men could share their insight on the topic. We believe it’s an important topic to keep having dialogues about to ensure the industry benefits from both male and female leadership qualities, as both bring great assets to the mix from which our industry will surely benefit.

The whole topic inspired us, the female employees of TriGlobal, to share our experiences and thoughts on the matter. Going into the job, many of us knew already or quickly learned about the fact that the moving industry is more male-dominated. Some of us were even “warned” about the industry, how tough it could be and sometimes also confronting. Was this warning needed? Is this reputation realistic? Or mainly prejudiced and unfair?  

In our relatively young tech company, the equilibrium of male and female colleagues is very even, also in leadership positions. Our immediate work environment is therefore very balanced. Regarding the interaction with the moving industry itself, we can say that first contacts, meetings, and calls with movers went very well in fact; they were all easy and friendly conversations. In many countries, it is a very tight-knit community, which can sometimes be difficult at first to get a footing in. Often, being a woman actually helped to succeed in this environment – but that of course doesn´t feel right or fair either. An important meeting point of this industry is of course conferences and was a great learning curve for many of us. Many female colleagues have been present at international summits such as the IAM or YMC. Experiences vary, but sometimes being a woman representing a technology company, it can be difficult to fit in at such traditional summits. Some heavy partying or conventional discussions can be out of people’s comfort zones. The conferences are loads of fun and great for strengthening work relationships, sometimes a feminine touch is missing to feel welcome.

However, many things are moving and we are deeply inspired by female leadership in this industry. Our talks with associations such as IAM, FIDI, CAM or AMÖ and their female leaders motivate us every day. It allows us to think more creatively and outside the box ourselves. How can we change our industry to become more sustainable and forward-thinking? We are happy to see that more and more successful moving companies are directed by women. As a leader ourselves in our industry, it is our ambition and responsibility to lead by example and to bring up our ideas so that we can achieve stronger results. Let’s stay innovative in supporting females in our industry to make sure that, all together, we help propel this industry forward and make sure it stays competitive in the future.

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