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2 Febuary 2021
How to Best Manage: Customer Expectations

Barbara van den Ende

Business Development

When dealing with customers daily, it is important to align customer and mover expectations. Because of the complexity of the moving process, customers often do not know how many factors come into play when calculating removal costs. They expect low prices and almost instant moves. However, these expectations are unrealistic and surprise customers when they receive a quote from a trusted and credible mover that is much higher than they expected.

What might be logical to an experienced mover in the industry, might require more explanation for somebody with less experience and understanding of the removal process. Assuming customers know more than they do is one of the reasons that conflict can arise. A fatal error in this scenario is only managing customers’ expectations when it is too late. When they realize their expectations are not in line with the reality of the situation, customers are likely to blame you. Most of the time, this situation comes up due to poor communication between all the parties involved in the move.

Dealing with unsatisfied customers

Unsatisfied customers negatively impact your company in multiple ways. Firstly, there is a short-term financial impact: Delays in payment, or customers refusing to cover additional costs added to their final bill. As painful as it is, these short-term costs for your business do not come near to the long-term damage unsatisfied customers can cause. Negative reviews will have an impact on your reputation, both online and offline, and consequently, will affect your future business potential. Damage to your reputation can directly impact the willingness of future customers to hire your company, which will then impact your revenues in the long term.

To prevent reaching this point of no return, open communication with customers is crucial. Some steps to follow to ensure customer satisfaction:

Manage Expectations 

Let your customers know what they can expect, and what they shouldn’t! If you simply cannot deliver what a customer wants, let them know from the start. Customers appreciate honesty! They would rather have you tell them their demands are unrealistic, and receive an alternative, than being promised everything will be as they want and figure out later it isn’t.

Be Transparent! 

Show transparency from the start about what the move involves and the effects on pricing! Offer detailed calculation of the costs, explain what factors could increase/decrease the final price for their move. The financial aspect of a move is important to most customers. Their primary concern is being able to manage their spending in advance. Understanding what aspects their money is spent on is more important than limiting their budget. 

Involve your customers 

Involve your customers in the process and keep them updated on any unexpected developments! For customers to have a positive experience, they need to be comfortable with you moving their belongings. To ensure this, keep constant communication with them, go the extra mile to inform them of the status of their move, even if it is simply confirming that everything is going according to schedule. Customers will appreciate the extra care, and this appreciation will greatly enhance their satisfaction with your services.

Just like you want to be kept informed when you decide to spend a large sum of money, the same applies to people who spend money on a move. They want to be kept up to date and know what they are spending their money on. In short: it is all about openness and communication.

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