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6 april 2021
I know WHY you are not booking enough. Do you?

After long conversations with moving companies, I noticed that some of you do not manage to obtain the results you are looking for when using a lead service. Sounds familiar, right? I am sure that you also ask yourself the following:


To help you with this, we have some strategies and actions to boost the profitability of your company when working with removal leads. Here you can find a list of some ideas to increase your chances of landing one of our leads.

1. Online Presence & Reputation

Boost your online review profiles and regularly update your own website to rank higher in Google searches. Some profiles you should update are, Yelp, or Google Reviews.

Why? As mentioned in previous blogs, 90% of the customers requesting quotes online read online reviews about the companies before making a decision. Also, an online profile with more than 200 reviews can increase conversion rates by up to 44%. Stand out from the competition and feel the difference.

2. Multiple Channels

Use different means of contact to increase the chances of gaining customer attention. Phone and email still remain the two main channels for moving companies to reach out to potential customers. However, new ones, are starting to take over.  We strongly recommend combining the old techniques (phone, mail) with new technologies and social media accounts, such as WhatsApp, for example.

Why? By increasing the number of sales channels, you increase awareness of your company. Moreover, on average, people check their WhatsApp account 23 times a day (almost 1 time per hour), which is crazy! But also, it means that it is very likely that they will read your message. 

3. Culture

When you select your preferred routes on your account, make sure your company has the capacity to provide a personalized service to everyone potentially moving within those routes. Always be aware of the time zone you are contacting and make sure to reach out to potential customers in their own language.

Why? Well, this is an easy one to respond to. It is impossible to communicate with your customers if they do not speak your language or if they are asleep when you call! You risk losing potential customers if you fail to consider this.

4. Speed

Always contact the leads as soon as possible (within 6 hours). Speed is a defining factor for customers when choosing the right moving company for them.

Why? According to our statistics, 78% of customers will move with the 1st or 2nd moving company that provides them with a quote for the service requested. The faster you contact them, the higher your chances to score them.

5. Persistence & Flexibility

Contact during different times of the day and offer the possibility to schedule a call with you, at their convenience. For example one time in the morning (up to 9 am), another around lunchtime (from 12 pm to 2 pm), and finally in the evening (after 7 pm). If you cannot reach the customer, always leave a message informing them when they can reach out to you to continue your conversation.

Why? According to our data, up to 63% of the potential customers do not provide a response to the companies in the first attempt to get in touch. However, this number decreases drastically to less than 40% after the third attempt.

6. Choice

If possible, try to offer different but limited options for the service requested. This includes offering a variety of services in order to attract a wider range of people. For example, you can offer; a low-end (low priced) product, a mid-range (regularly priced) product, and a high-end (really expensive) product.

Why? People love to have options and decision-making power. When provided with various options, people feel empowered and are more likely to choose you. However, do not provide a high number of options, according to research, 54% of consumers have stopped purchasing from a specific company or website because they could not make a choice about which product to buy.

We see the market changing rapidly and understand it's hard to keep up. Have a look at these tips and choose one to implement today. Keep reinventing yourself and your business will thrive. Next week you'll do another. By applying all these ideas in your process, you should see your results improve.

Cedric Keenan

Business Development

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