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6 April 2021
Online marketing doesn’t always have to cost you !

In the past year, you might have taken the difficult decision to cut costs to ensure your company survives the crisis. And rightly so! However, online marketing shouldn’t be neglected; you still need customers to thrive! There are a multitude of free and easy-to-use tools that can have a significant impact on your online presence and therefore boost your sales. 

Here are 4 easy tricks to optimize your online marketing without spending a single penny:

1. Claim and update your public profiles

Regularly search for your own company online to see what customers find when they research your company. Review platforms & Google reviews; social media profiles; online forums, online listings & directories are what we’re referring to. Make sure to claim and update every profile that you can find. This way, you ensure the information about your company is correct on these websites and increases your chances of being seen by more customers. Your public profiles are your free online business cards and a way to make sure potential clients find you.

Tip: Request access and update all online platforms that you don't have control over and get yourself on Google if that's not already the case.  

2. Make the most of your website and social media accounts

Within a few seconds of being on your website, a lasting impression has already been made on your customers. So, how can you make sure the first impression is a good one? Make your website user-friendly by ensuring the layout, colours, the buttons are designed to catch your visitors’ attention. Update your website's content regularly to ensure that information is both recent and relevant. Additionally, including an “about us” section really helps to highlight what differentiates you from the competition and helps build your brand image! 

Aside from your website, you should also work on making the most of social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. These platforms give you the opportunity to put a face to your company, so make sure to share photos of your team, previous moves that have been completed, or even specialised/interesting pieces of furniture you have moved.

Keep in mind that not every type of content will appeal to every visitor but your presence on social media allows you to vary the type of content you share, increasing your visitors’ engagement and allowing you to target a broader audience.

Tip: Interlink your online profiles and website to keep clients connected to your content and strengthen your brand awareness.

3. Use review platforms

Online review platforms are a powerful way to be seen by new customers as they usually have a high ranking on Google. Use this to your advantage: claim your existing profiles or ask to be registered!

Nowadays, people make decisions based on independent reviews as they are direct representations of other users’ experience with a business. Hence, these platforms have become a company's best way to establish trust. A common mistake is not considering review platforms as part of your range of marketing tools to promote your services and reputation.

Moreover, customer reviews will automatically make your moving company rank higher on Google but also within the review platform, increasing your chances to pop up when customers first search for movers in your area of business. 

Tip:  Be proactive about your profile: invite customers to leave reviews, keep your profile updated and be quick at replying to all your reviews- including the negative ones! This way, you show you value your customers and their feedback and that you play an active role in shaping your company’s online reputation. 

4. Collect testimonials

In essence, testimonials are similar to reviews. They provide customers the opportunity to share their experience with your company. Displaying them on your website allows potential customers to conveniently review others’ past experiences while gathering more practical information for their move

The main difference is that you have full control over which customers you ask for testimonials, and which to display on your website. Collecting testimonials is more time-consuming than collecting reviews, but it gives you the chance to share the ones that create the most value for your business, but also for your potential customers. To facilitate the process, you can start introducing the idea of leaving a testimonial during the move process, so that customers already expect it at the end of their experience.

Collecting testimonials is only half the job, then you have to put them to good use! Firstly, highlight them on your website by showing them on your home page, or by making sure customers find them easily. Secondly, provide context by sharing the origin and destination of the move, or when they move took place. Finally, make sure testimonials are as personal as possible, as this is the chance to trigger interest from potential customers on a more intimate level and start building some sense of trust.

Tip: Sharing personal information about your customers writing testimonials is a great first step to making them personal. Ask their permission to share their name, or even better, their picture! Alongside specific reasons why they had an amazing experience moving with you, this will help testimonials have a real impact on your potential customer's perception of your company!

There is a lot of online marketing improvements you can implement without spending loads of money on external partners. By including these small tasks in your daily schedule, you will not only get a better understanding of which tip works best for your company but also maintain a strong grasp on your marketing strategy. 

Angelica Houdoy

Business Development

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