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6 April 2021
Technological Spotlight: Electric Trucks 
Reducing the effect moving has on the environment

The effects of pollution from vehicle exhaust on the atmosphere and human health continue to create global concern for our present, and the future of our world. At one time, it seemed difficult to change the entire way that vehicles operated, especially when it comes to heavy-duty trucks. Yet, with the success of electrical cars and increasing regulations on CO2 levels, the truck industry is slowly transforming its production towards the goal of carbon-neutral freight.

Various companies are currently creating prototypes of electrical trucks or plan to launch models in the early years of this decade. In recent years, Tesla announced their own electrical semi and Daimler is actively testing prototype electric trucks in the USA. Competition for this next stage of trucks is ramping up, with companies like Ford, BYD, Chanje, and Nikola Motors Workhorse, quickly developing their own models.

Electric trucks still have many challenges to face. At the moment they are more expensive than gas-powered trucks and are limited by the range of the batteries which have not yet been developed for long haul trips. Also, the infrastructure required to build charging stations at petrol stations on highways has yet to be built. However, these challenges can be beaten by government incentives, technological development, and investments from interested parties. While the change will not be overnight, it’s certainly on the way and we’re curious to see its effects in the moving industry!  

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