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8 June 2021
3 tips that can help you strengthen your online presence!

Moving is a stressful process, whether it’s within the same city or across the globe. Customers will want to make sure a moving company is trustworthy before letting it handle all or most of their personal belongings. To do so, customers will research the internet and base their booking decisions on the information that they find online.  If you want to increase your chances to be seen and be contacted by your future customers, you need to invest some time, energy, and money into building a solid online presence and managing your online reputation. Remember; your online reputation is not established and static but is ever-changing, so you need to get involved in engaging with your client base to ensure its constant growth. 

Here are 3 tips that can help you strengthen your online presence: 

1. Invest in your website

Online reputation can be defined as the information that your former and future customers find when they type your company’s name into Google. Thus, it is inevitably linked to your website. A website gives your company more credibility, professionalism and allows you to stand out from your competition. In other words, your website is your online business card for your future customers. 

It is worth investing some money into creating or updating your website, as it will highly increase your customer reach and business opportunities. If you start from scratch, build a website that suits your corporate branding, and remember that first impressions matter! Choose a nice design, make your website user-friendly and use your expertise to help your visitors find relevant information for their move. Use the insights to track how visitors engage with your website and use this information to make some improvements to get even better results!

Tip: Don't hesitate to ask for external help: web designers will be able to give you various suggestions based on the services that you provide, the information you want to feature on your website, and your needs while respecting your budget. 

2. Create and update your profiles on review platforms

Your online presence is much bigger than just your website: it’s everywhere! Monitor what is being said about your company online: if your company is not represented correctly on the various platforms and public profiles in which it is listed, it could harm your business. In fact, customers will rely on the information found on different sources, so do not focus only on your website or one specific platform. Search regularly for your company online and claim access to your public profiles so you can easily monitor the information that is published regarding your company and update it when needed. You can also ask review platforms to inform you whenever any change or update is made to your profile, to help you keep track of your online reputation and visibility. 

If possible, add a description of the services provided by your company, your logo, or photos of your team to your profiles to give it a more personal touch. This will show your customers you play an active role in shaping your online reputation

Tip: Regularly updating your profiles will give your former and future customers a variety of ways to engage with you. 

3. Make the most out of the customer reviews

Nowadays, online customer reviews have the power to make or break a business. An ever-increasing amount of people share their day-to-day experiences and opinions online, and your future customers will base their booking decisions on your reviews. Therefore, it’s important that you include the management of your reviews in your customer service process. Not only will this show you care, and that you value your customer’s feedback, but it will also allow you to rank higher up in search results on Google, giving you an advantage over your competition. 

Collect as many reviews as you can by asking your customers to leave a review at the end of the move, and help them save time by adding the link to the review platform in your follow-up E-Mail, once the move is finalized. By publishing new reviews regularly, you can ensure the constant growth of your online reputation. 

If a customer takes the time to leave you feedback, they expect you do the same, so reply to all your reviews and be quick at doing so. This is a key part of managing your online reputation and will further strengthen the relationship you may have with your former and future customers!

Tip: In case of negative reviews, do not hesitate to take it off-line to get a better understanding of the issue and to move towards a solution together with the customer. Once you have resolved the issue, comment on it with the measures you took to alleviate the problem

In today's world, your online reputation and brand positioning is an unavoidable tool to generate new business so it's important you start working on it now. It might seem overwhelming at first but once you get the hang of it and include these above-mentioned tasks in your daily or weekly schedule, it becomes much easier and will help you find more customers and book more moves! 

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