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8 June 2021
Top 4 Insights on how to stay competitive in 2021

The only thing constant in life is change. However, often these changes can bring along fear and uncertainty. It really is an evolutionary phenomenon that, for centuries, humans have liked routine and structure as it makes them feel safe and in control of their lives. The dangerous part is that when a society rejects change, there is no growth and no progress. The inability to embrace change can result in stagnation. 

The moving industry is not exempt from this natural process. The changes happening to our industry, from a consumer and industry perspective, are numerous. Private move volumes are getting smaller, new players are entering the industry and global events such as Brexit or congested ports are turning the industry upside down. On top of this, the Covid-19 pandemic has acted as a further catalyst to push for digitization and forced every player in the industry to rethink their competitiveness.

It’s important to stay sharp, especially in a high-paced industry such as ours. As a technology-focused supplier of the moving industry, we want to share our Top 4 Insights on how to stay competitive in 2021:

1. Technology is here to stay

Partially due to the 2020 pandemic, a large part of our daily lives has switched to an online environment – employees working from their own homes, conferences are being held online, and digital surveys becoming the norm. Many interactions will return to offline and real-life encounters again however some developments are here to stay! We say, embrace them.

TIP: Truly analyse the benefits of your digital solutions before deciding whether to return to offline adaptations! Perhaps the online solution brings more advantages than you might think.

2. Ensure that your customers trust you

Transparency is one of the key points for successful customer relationship building. Small tweaks can have a great impact, for example collecting independent reviews on different platforms. Your website is a great tool to showcase the character of your company and to build a trusting relationship with your clients before they even come in contact with your sales team. 

TIP: Provide real and free value on your website (easy contact forms, free Q&As, include a volume calculator tool and blog articles about the moving process to different countries)

3. Be resource-efficient when improving your online-visibility

The ease with which customers can find you online will define your competitiveness in the market. On top of that, the quality of the content increases the likelihood of the customer choosing to reach out. However, you don’t need to invest thousands to have clean online visibility. It’s important to design your website with your customer’s perspectives in mind and easily provide them with the information that they are looking for. You can hire a website specialist even for a few hours to provide feedback and tweak your website with a couple of clicks!

TIP: Use free review platforms and provide a link to these profiles on your website. Make sure your website acts as a piece of smooth information and sales funnel for your clients.

4. Don’t believe in “one size fits all”

What works for someone else, doesn’t necessarily need to work for you. You have your own specific target group to you cater to. Most important thing is that you know your customers and can make decisions based on these insights! Knowledge is power. If your target group is rather young, provide more digital solutions and make sure your website is optimized for mobile devices. If you target corporate, private, and maybe even military services, make sure your website has a clear pathway for all these different customers.

TIP: Before making drastic changes to your business to stay competitive, be clear about which goal you are pursuing and which exact problem it’s supposed to solve. Try different things and choose what works best for you.

Change can be scary, but not adapting to changes and losing your place in the industry is potentially even scarier. We believe that the greatest success lies in having an open mind for new solutions. Whilst staying both objective and critical, you decide if this could benefit your company in the mid to long-term. We invite you to keep an open mind to change to ensure that your company keeps being competitive and successful in the upcoming year and beyond.

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