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8 June 2021
Technological Spotlight: Real-time Supply Chain Visibility
Keeping up-to-date with real-time data!

The accessibility of real-time updates on all aspects of our lives has driven consumer change; live updates on where your pizza is, or the exact time you can expect the post office to drop off your package, have drastically changed our expectations on deliveries. Giving consumers an idea that the possibilities are endless when it comes to live tracking.

This is where real-time supply chain visibility comes into play. It is continuing to take leaps forward by implementing technology that allows for quick responses and decision-making based upon live data. This includes information on the weather and road conditions, traffic updates, port waiting times, and truckload freight movement. This gives companies the opportunity to update routes and redirects any shipments or containers that are facing lengthy delays. Which in turn, increases efficiency and reduces costs, as well as giving the consumer live updates on exactly where their belongings are!

One of the crucial assets for tracking shipments is IoT sensor technology, which is attached to parcels and shipments. The IoT sensor technology allows a company to have real-time updates on all items in the warehouse, tracking trucks and equipment through a cloud service. The overall benefits are more than simply increasing efficiency, but they also allow you to create a closer relationship with your customers by keeping them up to date with every step of the process. This is key to managing their expectations during a global pandemic, BREXIT, and the other hundred delays that moving companies face on their daily operations.  


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