29 MAY 2020
Making your company CRISIS proof – Digital surveys

Ellena Branke

Business Development

The year 2020 has shown us that a worldwide crisis can always be waiting just around the corner. There exists no blueprint on how to deal with such unexpected events. The moving industry has been hit hard by this crisis, from closed borders, cancelled moves, to distancing rules and even changed consumer behaviour. Making sure that your company is built on a strong yet adaptable foundation has never been more important than during recent months. Your adaptability and creativity could make the difference between succeeding or struggling greatly in turbulent times. 

Switching your service from a purely offline approach to a more online-focused strategy is one crucial factor in this adaption. “Survival of the fittest” is the topic that comes to mind. You need clever solutions to overcome obstacles in your everyday business and act smarter than you did yesterday.  

There are many ways to diversify your service and spread operational risks. One of these tools is a digital survey. The goal of using a digital version of a survey is to make your services are even more efficient, add to your product portfolio and to prepare for a new future. 

We believe that digital surveys play a crucial part in making your company more crisis-proof. Here are five reasons why: 

1. Make your company crisis-proof

Make sure your company is crisis-proof. How do you know it is? Nothing in life is ever 100% certain, but you can do your best to prepare your business for several scenarios. For example, make sure you are not dependant on one kind of income stream and always have a back-up plan. If all your moves are based on physical surveys, a crisis such as Covid-19 will cripple your business model. Instead, you could implement video call tools, use the service of an online survey app or implement a detailed survey form on your website so clients can fill out the survey form themselves. You can find a list of easy digital tools to improve your online efficiency right here.

TIP: You should adapt this concept to all parts of your business. Think ahead and diversify your risks! Good preparation is half the battle.

2. Prepare for a new future

Don´t try your hardest to return to a previous reality. Who knows if it will fully return, or if that previous state was even the optimum? We believe that preparing for a new future is the best way to go. Embrace the learnings of the past months and make sure your company comes out stronger and “fitter”, as Darwin would say. This entails rethinking your processes, using this time to implement new technologies such as digital surveys and training your staff accordingly. There is always something positive to take away from any situation and that will be useful in the future as well.

TIP: Use this time to reflect on past operations and carry improvements with you into the future!

3. Save Money

Physical surveys cost a lot, whether it is your own surveyor or an external party. For instance, in Central Europe, a mover spends on average €200 per survey. Digital surveys will provide you with the same information about the move while cutting your costs quite a lot! You will save time and personnel resources, which you can then invest in other parts of your business. Especially in times when physical moves are not possible, switching to online solutions will not only save you money but actually make you money.

TIP: Analyse how much a physical survey costs you so that you can compare it to the costs of an online survey. Know your numbers!

4. More flexibility

It can be difficult to schedule an appointment at times. You are busy during the day; you get stuck in traffic and evenings are spent with family or friends. Your customers face the same challenges. And, at any time, a virus like Covid-19 can come around the corner and force every industry to adapt and find new solutions. 

How do you make sure to be prepared and stay flexible? Online surveys provide more flexibility when it comes to booking appointments and will make you and your customer´s life easier.

TIP: Be aware that some appointments may be conducted in the morning or evening, so adapt your employees’ working hours to make sure someone is ready to conduct surveys at these hours.

5. Expand your reach

Implementing digital surveys means than you can expand your operational reach by a great distance. Moves that you would have never even considered surveying, now become a business opportunity! You can eliminate the costly factor of driving to far-off locations and still conduct the survey. This equals more business opportunities and growth for you.

TIP: Take it one region at a time. Slowly increase your reach and don’t try and do it all at once. Once you feel more comfortable conducting these digital surveys, the options are limitless!

Now, we don´t believe in completely cutting out physical surveys. Digital surveys should complement your current services and help make your entire business more crisis-proof. Additional benefits, such as extending your reach and improving your customer interaction will follow as well. Even if this is new territory, it is worth understanding and learn more about it. 

Make sure to also evaluate the demand of digital surveys after 3-4 months of having it implemented. This way you will better understand your target group and adapt your services further according to the result of your analysis! 

Working with movers all over the world, we know how digital surveys are conducted in different countries. We know many examples of online survey methods that movers are already using and that can be implemented in your business! If this article has made you curious, contact us at to learn more about digital surveys. Let our experts know if you are interested in a free Digital Surveys Introduction Call, where we share our knowledge and expertise on digital surveys. We can answer all your questions around the topic and help you on your way of implementing online surveys.

Ellena Branke

Business Development

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