11 DECEMBER 2018
New Load Exchange system could help grow your business

Brielle Jones

Business Development

Brielle Jones, Manager Marketing and Sales TriGlobal, explains the company’s new service, Load Exchange, for backloading vehicles.

Innovation and technology are hot topics in the moving industry these days. The recent PAIMA and IAM conferences were the perfect stomping ground to discuss the latest trends and pain points currently facing the industry. With more than 200 meetings in seven days, I noticed some reoccurring themes. How can the industry be more efficient? How can we keep up with rapidly changing consumer demands? How can we save money, or better still, make more? These questions are perhaps not new, but the solutions may be.

Technology’s role

As we all know, technology can help solve some of these issues. Its purpose is to reduce inefficiency, make life easier, and hopefully cheaper if implemented correctly.

Data also has an important role to play if we are to understand our businesses properly and prepare for new trends. Fortunately, more tech companies are joining the industry every year and their contribution to a better moving world is on the agenda. So too are the moving associations, whose focus is to help us understand the impact technology can have on the industry, which is essential for any mass change.

The system is simple, easy to use and is password protected to ensure it remains a business-to-business network.

Thinking bigger

Technology is, however, not everything. We have to think bigger and sometimes beyond our own interests. Cooperation can be a sensitive topic. However, it has the potential to not only save us money, but also open up opportunities we may not have The Load Exchange platform is designed to enable movers to trade their truck and load capacity together.

Working together

At present this is easier said than done. Obvious questions start to arise about what this could mean for the competition, the affects it could have on a company’s reputation, and it challenges the desire to be autonomous. It also requires a global approach to business, whereby differences in language and culture are no longer reasons to not collaborate. These are all valid challenges; however, they should not prevent us acting and thinking bigger if the rewards are equally beneficial. After all, cooperation is not only free, it could also help grow your business.

Load Exchange

So, here is our plan: build technology to facilitate cooperation and increase mover efficiency. With this idea in mind, TriGlobal has worked hard to launch Load Exchange, an online platform made for the moving industry, with the sole purpose of connecting movers in our network and enabling them to trade their truck and load capacity together.

You can post your loads and bid on loads of others depending on what you need. Think of eBay if you will. The main difference is it’s free.

Europe - are you contributing?

Crafting the technology was our part of the deal, we now need European movers to get involved for their own benefit. We plan to roll out Load Exchange globally, if it is indeed successful. The system is simple, easy to use and is password protected to ensure it remains a business-to-business network. The technology is there, it is free, the only thing remaining is to give access to the users. Contact me anytime for more information or feedback on how we can improve the system.

We rely on your input for change.

Brielle Jones

Business Development

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