12 FEBRUARY 2019
Online marketing doesn’t always have to cost you

Melissa Vermeer

Business Development

Is your online marketing costing you more than it’s worth? Are you so focused on paid advertising that you’ve forgotten to exploit the free channels?

Free marketing options exists and can have a massive impact on your online presence if you use them correctly.

Work smarter, save money

Here are 8 easy tricks to boost your online presence without spending a single penny:

1.  Update your public profiles

Review & google profiles; social media profiles; online forums, online listings & directories, plus various news sources are what we’re referring to. These are your free online business cards and a way how potential clients can find you.

Search for your own company and check every profile you can find online. You’ll be amazed to see how many businesses don’t even update their own google listing!

2.   Make the most of Social Media

Linked in, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube have all been around for a while now and more than ever your customers are being influenced by these.

Setting up a profile only takes a few minutes, but provides a handful of benefits including giving your company a basic online presence if customers search for you. Be aware some social media outlets require more time than others. Master one before you move onto another.

3.  Use review platforms

Platforms are a powerful way to be seen by new customers and they usually have a highly ranked google position. Use this to your advantage and be present!

Invite customers to leave a reply, comment on all of your reviews (yes good and bad), and keep your profile updated. This will ensure that all customers going through this platform have a chance to see you, plus your brand will increase its trustworthiness.

4.  E-mail regularly

Email is free and can be a great way to connect with your current and prospective clients. Create interesting content that they want to read: don’t just sell your product, engage with them.

Consider sending a range of content such as articles, videos and podcasts. Show that you are an interesting knowledge source, not just a company that moves people from A to B.

5.  Update your website regularly & pay attention to SEO

There’s no denying that paying for google AdWords certainly boosts your google ranking and visibility. However, don’t forget the organic (free) ways of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Update your content regularly and ensure it’s relevant to your industry and potential customers. Some easy ideas are to add new articles, blogs, tips, checklists and videos to your site. Check what other companies are publishing and make sure your content is even better.

6.  Use free online channels to collect feedback

It’s hard to improve without feedback, right? Collecting feedback allows you to tailor your marketing approach and create improved content that better suits your target audience. The better the content, the more chance you have in convincing them to contact you. 

Use online channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, or email campaigns (see point 4) to gather this information. Dare to ask questions or do surveys that require interaction so you can learn what they want.

7.  Join online communities and contribute

Every niche market has online communities that you can get involved in. By actively contributing to these communities and posting engaging information that benefits its members, you can start to build a rapport with them and your business. That said, make sure it’s not too much of a hard-sell. Think of it as networking and sharing a dialogue, instead of simply promoting your moving business. 

Try to mention your business in a subtle way. Make sure they know who wrote the content and put a link to your website when you think the context is appropriate.

8.  Interlink your online profiles

By interlinking your media channels, you can increase your chances of conversion.  Linking profiles keeps clients connected to your content at multiple stages of their online journey.

Here are some examples: add a call to action at the bottom of your e-mails asking prospects to follow you on Facebook. Or, add links to your website for interesting articles you posted on LinkedIn. This way you ensure the customer stays on your content.

Melissa Vermeer

Business Development

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