7 JULY 2020
Online security awareness: Best practices to protect your company and your costumers

Giorgio Genta 


“If there is one thing that is certain in business, it´s uncertainty”

This quote by bestseller author Stephen Covey surely rings true, especially to business owners. The moving industry is not spared by uncertainties about the future and where the path of our industry will lead. Some of these uncertainties are easy to adapt to, while others will inevitably be harder to overcome. To gain a deeper understanding of these uncertainties in our industry, we have delved into them and want to share our knowledge with you. 

Working with movers in over 70 countries and hearing their stories has given us unique insights into the obstacles they encounter. Our partners have helped us develop a 360° perspective of common pains in our industry and we feel it is our responsibility to share
our knowledge in order to move the sector forward. 

In this report, we touch upon global issues that affect companies all around the world, as well as industry-specific pain points that mostly affect the moving market. Here are some examples of what you can read about: How should movers deal with legislation regarding CO2 emissions? Increased costs in European cities due to tighter restrictions on trucks within city limits, managing expectations of customers and why small moves are important. 

On another note, the world is going digital, there is no denying that. While traditional means of communication are still common practice in our industry, things are changing quickly. How should movers embrace new types of technology in order not to fall back in the long run? You have probably asked yourself these questions before. Read on to learn more about the answers to these andother questions. 

One-time passwords

Another simple way to protect yourself if you are using a CRM system or Mailbox is by using a one-time password: a 6 digital code that regenerates every 30 seconds on your phone. This adds an extra layer called “hash function”, meaning the code can be read one way but not the way back. 

How does it work? 
Think of it like this “When you add milk to your coffee, and the hacker needs to get only the milk out. But there is no way, as it has already been mixed with all the coffee. There is no way to just get the milk out” 

That is why it is mathematically known that it cannot be reversed so they are 100% safe. Even if both your password and email address have been breached, the hacker would need to have physical access to your phone to get your information. One-time passwords can be set-up with all of the most popular mailboxes such as Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo.

Starting off by taking small steps to protect yourself to ensure that your information is safe, must be a main priority for your company. If you found these tips useful and want to see more regular knowledge on how to improve your business, make sure to follow us on both Facebook and Linkedin. Where we are constantly posting tips and tricks to help make your business more effective and efficient.

Sam Dallow

Business Development

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