09 December 2019
There's a new type of customer in the removal industry!

Raúl Quintanar

Business Development

For the past 5 years, we have been collecting data from our online users to try and understand how “consumer behaviour” is changing within the removal industry. So, what kind of effect can this have on how you do business as a mover?

As a lead provider for the moving industry, we work with over 150.000 consumers every year, which has allowed us to gain insights into their behavioural trends. In this article, we have selected some top facts that can you as a mover. We think it's important to share this knowledge in the hopes it can help your company can grow, or perhaps adapt to this new type of consumer, and in turn, help you score that moving lead!

1. Who is moving?

Data suggests that the biggest set of people moving internationally comprises of those between the ages of 25 and 34 years old. We see that there has been a massive growth in individuals moving, and not just complete families, and that moving has become easier and cheaper. Europeans have been moving the most for the past few years, however Asia is on the rise. 

2. Does seasonality have an influence on the number of moving leads?

Yes, it does. It's not uncommon to find European moving companies fully booked during the summer months, as customers prefer to move when the weather is fine. This trend has a significant effect on why our lead trends also fluctuate and have a reoccurring pattern every year. We receive the greatest number of moving requests in January, April and June and on the contrary for November and December where we receive the least. 

3. When do consumers request a moving quote compared to their desired moving date?

The majority of consumers in need of a removal company, typically request quotes from 2 to 4 months prior to their actual moving date. This leaves approximately 20% of customers who require a 5 month lead time and only 30% of consumers who request a quote within 1 month of their actual moving date.

TIP: Even though you are busy throughout summer, it might still be worth it to invest in sales and marketing during this period as many customers still want to book their move in 2 - 4 months from now. This is also a great way to solidify your business for the low season and possibly beat your competition as they are too busy to handle the requests.  

4. On what device do consumers predominantly request moving quotes?

Smartphones are still on the rise. (Almost) everyone has one and its functionality is replacing many traditional services that we used to use a desktop computer for. Statistics show that 65% of consumers use their mobile phone to research and request quotes for their move. Desktop searches have shifted to second place, currently at 30%, followed by only 5% that use a tablet.

TIP: Make sure your website and quote forms are mobile-friendly to provide the best consumer experience and ensure that you're not losing them due to a malfunctioning site!

5. What volumes are consumers moving these days?

Traditionally speaking, consumers used to take their whole household when moving. Nowadays, volumes are a lot less. This is explained by the “IKEA-effect” - whereby sometimes it's easier and cheaper to just buy new furniture rather than moving the old stuff.  That said, around 40% of moves still comprise of household moves (12cm3+), however, small moves (1cm3 - 3cm3) are on the rise taking up 25% market share.  

TIP: Smaller jobs are increasing in size, and it's likely this trend will continue. It's worth taking a critical look at your operation to see if some of your processes can accommodate this new change in market behaviour. 

6. What influences a customer's final decision to choose a moving company?

Prices in the industry have been under pressure for a long time and research shows that consumers are often influenced by pricing when deciding which mover to trust with their belongings.  It’s a big factor, however, this doesn’t mean you have to give your lowest possible price. Make sure to differentiate yourself from your competitor and use trends and data to evolve with consumer demands. Other factors that influence the decision are reviews and how quickly you reply to them via phone or email.

TIP: Whilst price is important, also consider other elements in your sales pitch, like your reviews, and what added value you provide to customers that sets you apart from your competition. 

7. Are consumers satisfied with the service you have provided?

Reviews platforms aren’t going away any time soon. In fact, they are still on the rise and while pricing is important, reviews can tip the balance in your favour as to whether a customer chooses your company or not. We know that sometimes reviews can be a touchy subject, but it is important to remember that customers are just as likely to leave a review for an outstanding positive experience, as they are a negative one.  Our data shows that most reviews are in fact positive, with 65% of all reviews on having 5-star ratings.

TIP: Strengthen your position by always asking consumers to leave a review after the job is done. The more reviews you have, even if they aren’t all 5-star ratings, increases your credibility and makes your company easier to find online.

8. What other topics are consumers interested in when looking for a mover?

Moving internationally requires a lot of changes in a person’s life. Before taking this step, a lot of research is done by the consumer. Consumers who are interested in moving abroad also show interest in the following five topics: travelling, real state, employment searches, cars and art.

TIP: Consider incorporating these topics into your website pages, either in words or images as this boosts your chances of attracting the right kind of customer when they search these keywords.

So that’s it for now. If you want more information about consumer trends, please send your feedback to us and we’ll try to gather some more data for next time. Please reach out to for any questions or comments you might have. Similarly, if you have any useful data, or know of new trends and statistics, please share them on our LinkedIn page. In this way, we can make the moving Industry more aware and more efficient together!

Raúl Quintanar

Business Development

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