What is affiliate marketing and how can you benefit from it?

Alyce Granneman

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Who are we?

We, TriGlobal, are the owners and publishers of the global brand Sirelo.

Sirelo opened up the moving industry to what it is today. Our platforms facilitate the connection of customers and movers digitally. When planning a move there is a lot to think about and a lot of information to filter through. Sirelo takes all the heavy lifting out of the process, providing customers with between 1-5 quotes from movers who can fulfil their personal moving requirements.

Sirelo is a FREE, quick and easy solution to all moving worries. Customers can read extensive information on their intended new country, on moving their house or business and find out about other customers’ past experiences. Sirelo hosts a global network of moving companies. These movers reach many potential customers by simply keeping their mover profile updated with relevant and insightful information.  

What is affiliate marketing?

Generally, affiliate marketing is when a company or website advertise another company’s or website’s service for a fee. That fee can be on a click, set price or commission base. We all come across different variations of affiliate marketing partnerships when searching online and there are many ways that these partnerships benefit the advertising website. Some affiliate networks are set up to mainly benefit the advertiser. That is not how we or our affiliate partnership work and we would love to explain how and why!

What makes our affiliate program special?  

Affiliate marketing usually just consists of annoying banner ads or branded posts. That is not what we are looking for! Quite the contrary, we believe in long-term partnerships rather than short-term advertising opportunities.

We are not out for the quick buck but want to create a sustainable network and quality content for websites.

The most important part of such a network is collaboration. An affiliate partnership can only become successful when all parties involved collaborate on optimising the marketing strategy. In affiliate marketing nothing happens over-night, it is a process that needs to be grown continuously. 

We host our affiliate platform in-house and created an affiliate portal for our partners to ensure transparency. At Sirelo we have a strong set of core values that we apply to all aspects of our business.

When it comes to our partnerships especially, we approach them openly.

We believe mutual efforts should lead to an equally divided revenue share. At the end of the day, we all work hard to make things work, so why should one party profit more than the other? 

Why partner with us?

Your website, in one way or another, offers information, support and advice on becoming an expat. Moving is a massive part of that process. By offering relocation services to your customers, it will in turn add value to your existing content as well as drive more visitors to your website.

Besides added value to your visitors, the main benefit is increasing your profits!

We are not offering a traditional advertising set up. We are looking to collaborate with equal input and reward. You are in control of the money you earn! 

How does it work?

The implementation of our marketing materials on your website will take you a maximum of one hour! Our team will have done the research beforehand, presented you with proposed ideas and provided you with quick and simple instructions on how to carry out our service representation. We conduct routine checks and update you on any market data when it is relevant. Ultimately, it is a onetime implementation and an opportunity to generate easy and long-term profits remotely.

What’s next?

We want to work with you! If you were intrigued by our article, would like to learn more or to pursue a partnership, get in touch with us directly at affiliate@triglobal.org

Alyce Granneman

Digital Communication

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