1 december 2020
InfoGlobal: Why are we making a bulletin?

We are very excited and proud to announce we will be sharing a bi-monthly bulletin with all of you starting in December 2020. Similar to the focus of our whole company, the bulletin will focus solely on the moving industry. Its main themes will be made up of technology, marketing practices, and sustainability in the industry. 


The idea of publishing a magazine-like bulletin has been around for quite some time among our team. We are in contact with movers all around the world. We talk to national and international moving associations. We communicate with service providers and tech companies in this industry. And of course, we have a direct connection to people looking to move. We want to use this unique position to share the information and insights we receive from all these sources. Our view is from the outside in, while at the same time being part of the industry and understanding its struggles and challenges.

What to expect?

As briefly mentioned, our guiding themes focus on technology, sustainability, and marketing related topics. We are conducting interviews with moving companies and tech players in the industry and share insights from associations around the world. We will include both detailed articles as well as shorter info-bits about relevant industry topics. The bulletin includes interviews on recent and urgent topics and provides insights from different perspectives around the world. This format will not focus so much on daily news, as there are other voices who are already keeping all of us updated We want to connect the industry on a new, tech-focused, and future-oriented level. 


We invite you to follow our bulletin, pick out the interesting topics for you, and truly hope that it will provide value for your business. Perhaps it will even start new dialogues within your company. If there is ever a topic you would like to have discussed or analysed, we invite you to reach out to us. This could be tech-related, marketing-wise, or any future-oriented solution. If there is a practice within your company that you think should be shared or heard, we are always open to new dialogues and are happy to keep learning. 

Wishing you all a wonderful end of the year and enjoy reading! 

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