31 January 2020
Optimize your quote form!

Barbara van den Ende

Business Development

Are you losing potential clients? Whether the answer is yes or no, you should always optimize your quote form. Why is this so important? Well, your quote form is the reason you receive removal leads. So, having a low conversion will directly impact your business! There are many reasons why you can lose potential clients, but let’s make sure your quote form isn’t one of them! 

We asked our CRO Specialist (Conversion Rate Optimization), Jessica van Muijlwijk, a couple of questions about how to optimize your quote form in the removal industry.  

1. “Where on a website should you put a quote form?”

I’d suggest placing a button for the quote form on every page where a user could possibly land. The user should be able to see directly the quote button that sends them to the quote form. If you’re a moving company and you would like as many leads as possible, it would be a shame if users can’t find your quote form on your website.  You shouldn’t let consumers search for it; this could result in more prospects leaving your website without requesting quotes. 

2. “Where on a page is the best place to insert the quote form?”

Above-the-fold. This is the first thing people see when they open a certain page, without them having to scroll down. The user most likely landed on this page with the intent to request a quote for their planned move or is at least interested in knowing more about your company. If you want the user to immediately see the quote button, make sure it’s placed above the fold, for both mobile and desktop. 

3. “What kind and how much information do I ask in my quote form?” 

The advice I could give you here is: don’t ask more than you need. It is tempting to ask many questions in your quote form, but it would be the number 1 reason for people to leave the form without completing it. Ask as little as possible, make it as easy as possible, and the user will be likely to complete your quote form. You should always ask for personal information such as name, email address, and phone number. If you need additional information, you can follow up on the lead and gather the information you still require. 

4. “Which colours should I use?” 

If you want your quote button to stand out and be visible, then it’s not about the actual colours you choose. What is more important is the contrast between the button and the other colours used on your website. You want the quote button to stand out and be visible, but it should primarily intuitive for the user to click it. With a colour that highly contrasts with the rest of the page, you make people click. It’s like magic.  

5. “How can you make people actually convert?” 

Converting consumers starts at the page or medium before they arrived at your quote form. The added value of your product or service should have been explained clearly enough for the consumer to recognise your added value. If this is the case, users are more likely to click. If you have a simple and short quote form and the added value of your service is clear to the user, they are likely to complete your form. 

6. “How do I attract people to my website?” 

Well, it’s nice to understand how to get people to fill in your quote form, but you need the users to first find your website of course! If you have enough marketing budget, you could consider advertising in Google AdWords. You can lead people to a specific landing page that is optimized for them to request quotes. However, you can also work on your content and social media to spend less on traffic. Don’t forget, it’s not easy to lead traffic to your page. The number one problem for movers is not conversion, but traffic. Because without traffic there is no conversion and without conversion, there are no leads. 

To summarize, you have to take into account many different things when it comes down to a quote form on your website. If you start incorporating the point above here, you are in the right direction already. The last tip I would like to give you is related to the privacy of the lead. Promise the user that you will be careful with their details and mention this in the form, like: we will never give or sell your details to third parties. That reassures them and strengthens confidence. The only thing you still have to do is generate traffic to your website.

Jessica van Muijlwijk

CRO specialist

Jessica van Muijlwijk [24] is the CRO specialist at TriGlobal and has joined the team over 4,5 years ago. She successfully graduated in her bachelor in Business Administration/Marketing and has ever since specialized herself in Conversion Rate Optimization. Her colleagues at TriGlobal describe her as being very direct, but awesome.

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