7 JULY 2020
Technological Spotlight: AI Surveys  

Gina Leyva


The AI Revolution 

Artificial intelligence has exponentially expanded in the last couple of decades. What was once a topic of science fiction, is now a reality seen everywhere: facial recognition software, chess games, and self-driving cars. And now, it is the turn of the moving industry. 

Machine learning is starting to change the face of surveys. How does it work? The AI can “watch” a video of the customer’s home. Its software allows it to identify objects in a household. It can count how many there are, and even provide weight and height measurements with a high degree of accuracy. With this information, the algorithms can even predict how many boxes will be required for the entire move. This helps movers calculate the logistics of the move.  This is especially valuable during the COVID crisis, as in-person surveys become more difficult and riskier for all parties. 

However, AI is not here to replace humans. Household moves are so specific to the customer and their household, that they still require the expertise and human touch from movers to complete a successful, painless move. AI, for all its benefits, can’t provide the reassurance an experienced mover gives to their customers. 

Currently, the main provider of AI-based surveys is Yembo. 

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