27 AUGUST 2020
What to do in a year with no conferences! 

Sam Dallow

Business Development

We all know that 2020 cancelled all our exciting plans for the year and the normal thrill of preparing for conferences. We’ve lost the chance to see familiar faces, meet new people, and the opportunity to let loose in the evening. The biggest downside of all the cancelled conferences is the missed opportunities to network, improve current relationships and increase agent or supplier networks.  

Do not worry! Luckily, there are multiple ways to get the same benefits of being at a conference without leaving your house!  


Firstly, use the databases of international moving associations! These links provide a reliable way of finding accredited companies across the globe. They give you access to the personal email accounts of key decision-makers within the companies, allowing for direct communication to find new agents. The main international moving associations are: 


Email marketing does not sound appealing to everyone. However, it is one of the most effective and efficient methods of increasing your network of agents or suppliers.  

Simply create a database of moving companies that you are interested in having as agents or potential partners to grow your business. You can send them mailings explaining your needs or services. There are some functional and user-friendly tools to create such campaigns in just a few minutes. Some of the ones we have personally used and can recommend are: 


Exchange platforms are crucial tools to help maximise efficiency and decrease costs. These platforms allow you to exchange booked services from other companies within the industry that they are unable to handle. They also allow other companies to perform parts of the moves that you are unable to complete. A win-win situation for both companies, as they reduce costs and increase efficiencies. There are currently two different European Platforms: 


Do not forget that the option to organise small, planned visits or online meetings remains. This can apply to colleagues within the industry that live in the same country or even internationally: We must still make the effort to organise face-to-face meetings. At a time where it is essential to be flexible and adaptable, online and personal meetings offer a great substitute to conferences.  

It has already been done! The IAM online conference took place over several days, with movers interacting from all over the world. But you do not need to wait for someone to organise a full conference to arrange meetings with colleagues. Take it upon yourself to reach out to different partners or suppliers, and schedule meetings with them. It only takes a simple invite through Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or Skype to connect with each other during tough times.  


There are currently various industry experts performing live streams, interviews, and open online discussions about the situation in the international removals sector. These provide insights about new trends appearing in the market, and offer strategies to help adapt to, and survive this period.

Given the multitude of options, our recommendations are shown below. They are chosen based on the frequency and relevance of their posts. Make sure to tune in to be updated on all information surrounding removals and relocation.

    • LOVE + RELO by Ben Cross
    • IAM – YP online meetings
    • Moving Associations Social Media Profiles

Is there anything better than planning for International trips in the upcoming year? We are not sure… that is why planning for 2021 is an exciting way to put the troubles of 2020 behind us. The majority of conferences have already been rescheduled for similar dates and locations as originally planned for 2020. Therefore, make sure to start preparing for these conferences already! This allows you time to assess the resources available and which conferences are the most feasible to attend. 

 There are plenty of ways to make up for a year full of canceled conferences and closed borders, but this does not mean that you shouldn’t take advantage of the different ways of staying connected within the industry

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