15 january 2020
Why You Should NOT Advertise on Google Early in the Year 

Melissa Vermeer

Business Development

Are you currently spending much (more) money in Google advertising? Stop now!

When you are a company that operates in the Removal Industry anywhere in the world, the number 1 way to find leads, is to advertise on Google. Am I right? However, how much do you actually know about advertising on Google in the Moving Industry?

The following questions are answered during the interview with TriGlobal's SEA Specialist, Erwin van Helden:

What is the best tip you can give moving companies related to Advertising on Google?
What is the best and worst period to Advertise on Google in the Moving Industry?
Is it relevant for both small and large companies to spend time and money on Google Advertising?

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Melissa Vermeer

Business Development

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