Conversion tools

Easy-to-use and optimized conversion tools to help you increase interaction and conversion on your own website!

Conversion tools

Imagine you could upgrade the look and feel of your website with a few, simple clicks. Imagine you do not need to spend a huge amount on IT capacities to build this yourself. Imagine that more visitors on your website would reach out and contact you.

We have developed a Lead Form to help you with all these topics. The goal of the form is to provide an easy-to-use, customizable quote request form that you can implement on your website quickly and without hassle.

Combining our long-standing knowledge of online lead forms, consumer behaviour, UX experience, and the needs of movers, we have built a lead form that our partners can benefit from. This form will help with the conversion of potential customers, make your website look more professional, and help consumers receive a quote from you in a professional, easy, and user-friendly way. 

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Helping you bring your website to the next level

Implement a user-friendly and optimized lead form on your own website to increase conversion, generate more business, and improve the user’s experience on your site!

Fully user-optimized

Adaptable to your website

Volume calculator

Professional look and feel

 Additional client source

 Safe handling of consumer data

Everyone benefits


  • Increase conversion on your own website

  • Additional source of potential clients

  • No large IT investment needed to build it by yourself

  • Statistical insights and data on consumer traffic to optimize usage


  • Easy navigation on your website
  • Professional first impression
  • Safe handling of consumer data
  • Receives immediate confirmation e-mail

Interested in seeing what the lead form looks like and how it could help you? 

We care about the moving industry and its members. That’s why we only service this industry. To ensure our network remains sustainable and competition is fair amongst all its participants, we strive to work with moving companies who value the industry as we do:

  • Is efficiency important to you?
  • Do you use technology to grow your business?
  • Are you willing to implement new processes for the sake of safer margins?
  • Can you adapt in a fast paced market place?
  • Does your company specialize in worldwide or European-wide moves?
  • Can you manage change?

Think about it. With more time available, fewer costs, fewer risks and more bookings, you are bound to increase your revenue. 

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