Load Exchange

An innovative "marketplace" for European moving companies to exchange loads.

Bringing on-road efficiency to Europe

In 2017, we noticed that the industry needed some extra help, especially in terms of costly on-road inefficiency. The Load Exchange was created as a mover-exclusive, B2B platform, where moving companies can trade, share and quote on open loads with other European movers. During the low season, movers can find more work and when high season hits, there’s a place to safely exchange loads with like-minded companies.

A European B2B platform  made exclusively for you

Find new business.

Search for new loads that other movers need help with.

Reduce your costs.

Share the loads you can’t manage and quote on loads that you can.

Make the platform work for you.

Use real time updates & tailored settings. 

Work with your preferred partners.

Filter movers by association. 

The rest is up to you

Use the Load Exchange to post excess loads and quote for loads to fill your empty trucks. The network is currently accessible to over 350+ European movers and is rapidly expanding with your help. 

No more empty trucks


This year, over 300 moving companies successfully exchanged loads


More than 350 European moving companies can access the platform


Cut your costs and CO2 emissions in half by ensuring you don't come back empty


Double your profit by filling trucks both ways

What sets the Load Exchange apart? 

It’s free! What else can we say?

Built exclusively for European movers

Established network of over 350 members

Easy to use & password protected

How do I get access?

If you're not already a partner for one of our other products, then simply ask for your log in details. The more movers that use the platform, the better it becomes, so feel free to also tell a friend!

Already a TriGlobal partner?

If you're based in Europe, then there's good news - you've had access the whole time! Log into your mover portal and look for the Load Exchange tab. Forgotten how to access your mover portal? let us know and we're happy to help.

Ask us for your login details!

It's that easy. And don't forget to tell your friends about it either. The more moving companies that connect, the bigger the array of loads to quote on, and more movers that can help. Together we can make a difference so please spread the word. 

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