Surveyed Leads
Ultra-detailed, pre-surveyed leads that help you to come into contact at the moment when the customer needs you most.

What is a Surveyed Lead?

Imagine that instead of spending hours on surveying houses you could spend this time on doing more moves? Imagine if you had a complete set of information to know exactly what your potential clients want, without ever having spoken to them?

Surveyed-leads feed into the latest challenges our industry is facing; consumer expectations and mover delivery time. Surveyed-leads keep moving companies in the game by reducing the risk, time, cost it takes to survey and contact each lead. In return, you get all the information you need to quote the move and get in contact with your future client. It’s that simple.

Surveyed-leads are ultra-detailed leads, including a full inventory list, confirmed contact details and photos. They feed directly into your system, right when the customer needs you. You still determine your own price and conditions, we just speed up the process so that your business benefits.

Video Series: Surveyed Leads 

To help you understand how this new premium service, including Surveyed Leads, can help you make your processes more efficient and consequently grow your business, we have created a series of 4 videos. The videos highlight the current problems in the moving industry, how digital surveys can help your business, statistics and trends from the consumers in our industry and finally the Surveyed Leads service explained. 

Video 1

The Moving Industry Hurts! 

In this video, Brielle Jones, Sales & Marketing Manager at TriGlobal, shares the pains that the moving industry is currently facing. 

Video 2

Help yourself. Let's get digital.

Brielle Jones shares her ideas on dating and making more money. The key to succes could be using digital surveys! Don't forget to download your gift below the video, it includes tips and tricks on digital surveys!

Video 3

Unlocking consumer secrets.

Brielle Jones tells you more about the new type of consumers in the moving industry. Don't forget to download your gift below the video, which includes statistics and trends about the new type of consumer!

Video 4

Surveyed Leads explained!

Brielle Jones tells you more about our new premium service: Surveyed Leads!

Leading the way to an efficient industry

Surveyed-leads save you time, money and precious resources so that you can offer a competitive quality service to your clients.

Fully surveyed leads
Complete item list
Accurate volume
Preferred contact method
Accessibility points
supporting photos/video

Everyone benefits


  • Save time & money on surveys
  • Optimise your savings into more resources and better sales processes
  • Access a new consumer sales channel
  • Come into contact with customers when they need you the most
  • Grow your business


  • Save time by getting all information in one place
  • Get quotes faster
  • Get more competitive prices
  • Compare quotes with other movers
  • Connect with trusted movers

Are you a premium mover?

We care about the moving industry and its members. That’s why we only service this industry. To ensure our network remains sustainable and competition is fair amongst all its participants, we strive to work with moving companies who value the industry as we do:

  • Is efficiency important to you?
  • Do you use technology to grow your business?
  • Are you willing to implement new processes for the sake of safer margins?
  • Can you adapt in a fast paced market place?
  • Does your company specialize in worldwide or European-wide moves?
  • Can you manage change?

Think about it. With more time available, fewer costs, fewer risks and more bookings, you are bound to increase your revenue. 

Contact us for more information and join the premium journey.

Contact us for more information and tell us why you think you're a premium mover!

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