About Us

We are the market leader in (international) moving lead generation, reviews and technology. Our drive is to connect consumers to moving companies in the most efficient way.

Founded in the Netherlands, helping people move across the globe.
  • 30+ employees with over 10 different nationalities

  • 18+ years of experience in moving industry
  • Over 150.000 requests per year

  • Active in 70+ countries

Our Story

TriGlobal was founded in 2004. Back then, we knew it wasn’t easy to find a suitable moving company online. And so we launched some websites in different languages to get in contact with people that were planning their moves abroad and connect them to a suitable moving company.

 Now, our services have expanded to technology that helps moving companies get in contact with potential customers and convert them in happy customers. We’re active in over 70 countries, connecting over 150.000 people per year to a suitable moving company.

Our Core Values
Be truthful

Finding and being your true self and being honest and open about it. We live this by facilitating (self) evaluations, organizational & personal coaching, sharing learnings, et cetera.

Treat others the way you want to be treated

Your self-awareness should be the boundary of your own actions. You know what your intention is behind your conduct. This should be the guideline in how you treat every other human being.

Create value, then money

We’re creating a sustainable future with ethics based on a long-term vision. That’s why we don’t go for ‘quick wins’, but focus on adding true value to everything we do.

Find your passion, don't settle for mediocrity

Only by finding what you enjoy doing most can you excel and be the absolute best in what you do. With that also comes being critical on your own and other people’s work. It helps us to stay ‘sharp’ and not take things for granted.

Be brave

We encourage people to be brave and to not be afraid of making mistakes. We believe in continuous learning and development and this can only be achieved by trying new things and reflecting afterwards, creating a powerful cycle of learning.

Be your own leader

Everyone has a leader within. With this value we challenge everyone to seek that leadership, no matter in which part of life. This also comes down to choosing for happiness and not doing a job you don’t like. Everyone working for TriGlobal ‘owns’ a part of the company and is fully responsible for it.

Go above the work exchange

We don’t believe in a typical ‘work exchange’, meaning you work from 9 to 5 where every minute is accounted for and you get paid exactly for the amount of hours you work. We’re much more in favour of a ‘relationship’ built upon trust. As an employer we trust our employees and our employees trust us as an employer. Meaning sometimes you work a little extra, sometimes you take more time to relax.

Add a smile to the world

We’ve added this as our latest value, to make sure we go the extra mile for our environment (the cities we live in, the shops we buy from, the people we see on the go). We believe that by making someone smile every day, we contribute to creating a happier planet and society

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Working at TriGlobal

Work is not just work for us. We’re a family working towards the goal of making the moving industry more efficient and the world a nicer place. Not a single year is the same for us with new challenges and opportunities arising every day.

In a nutshell, we offer:

  • 30+ awesome, young minded colleagues with over 10 different nationalities.
  • A fast growing start-up vibe with little hierarchy and lots of individual responsibility.
  • Organizational & personal coaching and trainings to facilitate your growth.
  • A good salary and a yearly share in company profits.
Working at TriGlobal

“I have been in the company for many years now, and I can safely say every year has been completely different, with new learnings, personal growth and new challenges. The team is lovely, there’s plenty of fun going on, but we are ambitious and are ready to take on the world (or at least the moving world). I’m excited for what’s to come next!”

Giorgio Genta

Manager Partner Desk 7 years at TriGlobal

What I love about TriGlobal is the relationships we build over time with our partners and our colleagues. Our partners help us grow and make of TriGlobal what we are now, one of the top lead generators for the moving industry in the world. Being part of the TriGlobal team means hard work, challenges, new ideas and projects but also a lot of fun.

Angelica Houdoy

Business Development 3 years at TriGlobal

Angelica about us
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30+ employees with over 10 different nationalities
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Need to move? Visit our consumer website.
Need to move?
Visit our consumer website.
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