Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How do I contact TriGlobal?

You can contact us on business days by phone +31 88 230 06 99, chat, email info@triglobal.org or through our contact form.

Lead Questions

What is the price per lead?

Our domestic moving leads are at fixed prices and vary per country. Please reach out to receive the fixed rates for your specific country.

The pricing structure of our international moving leads is based upon various criteria such as demand or route filters. Please contact us for more information regarding our pricing.

Are there additional costs?

No, you only pay for the leads you receive.

Do you offer free trials?

No, but we do offer discounts on the price per lead during the first 3 months of partnership to help you get started at a limited cost. Please contact us for more information on available discounts.

 How do you check the quality of the leads? 

Our sophisticated lead matching system applies several automatic checks to incoming leads. All leads are then manually checked by our global team working round the clock, 365 days a year.

Our quality assurance measures results in the rejection of approximately 30% of incoming leads, so you can rest assured that we take lead quality seriously!

 How many competitors receive the lead?  

Up to four other removal companies receive the lead. This is an important part of our mission to help consumers find the right match for their move, and to ensure that removal companies benefit from a level playing field.

 How do I access the leads? 

The leads are available in your Mover Portal but also delivered by email or send via an API to your CRM (we support the major systems, check which systems we support).

 Can I integrate the leads in our CRM? 

Yes, our lead delivery can be integrated with many popular CRM systems, such as:

• Creagidem
• Granot
• Movegistics
• MoveMan Pro
• Moveware
• MoverworX
• Removals Manager
• Salesforce

There is also the option to send the leads in different formats to match the CRMs we don’t connect to. This  can be easily arranged in consultation with your account manager and IT staff.

In addition, leads are delivered via email.  

 How do I contact a client? 

Our leads contain the contact details of the consumer who made the request (phone number, email). Customers have the possibility to indicate their preferred contact method.

 How quickly should I contact a client? 

To optimize your conversion, we recommend contacting the client as soon as possible (preferrably within an hour) and within 24 hours following lead reception.

 What can I do if I cannot reach the client by phone? 

We encourage you to try calling the customer at different times of the day keeping in mind a potential time difference. We also advise you to send an email when contacting your customer. This way you can already present your company and the services you provide. This gives you the opportunity to stand out from the competition by highlighting your points of difference.

 What are the claims conditions? 

The standard pricing structure includes a return rate of 10% of the leads, which can be adjusted based on necessity and preference.

Account Questions

Can I choose which routes I want to cover?

Yes, there are filter possibilities in terms of origins and destinations and those vary per area.  Please contact us for more information on filters.

Can I choose how many leads I want to receive?

Yes, you can select a number of leads to start with based on your budget or capacity. Note: We have a minumum of 30 leads per month. The number of leads you received can be updated during the collaboration, by contacting your account manager.

 Where do I login to My Account? 

Login to your account at our Mover Portal. 
Go to mover.triglobal.info 

Alternatively, you’ll find a link named ‘Mover Portal’ in the footer of the website.

 What can I use my collected credits for? 

Every lead you receive from us earns you credits. You can use these credits to manually select and "purchase" free leads. The list of available free leads is accessible in the Mover Portal for all active partners.

 Can I temporarily pause the leads I receive? 

Yes, you have the possibility to pause your account at times you cannot handle leads. This pause can be requested via your Mover Portal and is set up automatically for your account. TriGlobal will not send you any leads during the pause period selected.

How can I cancel my subscription?

Your account can only be terminated by email by sending a request to partnerdesk@triglobal.org. Cancellations are officially processed on the last day of the month following the partner’s request.

 How can I access my invoices? 

All invoices are sent to you via email. You can access, download and pay your invoices on the Billing section of the Mover Portal.

Another question?

We are happy to help you with any questions you still have.

Need to move? Visit our consumer website.
Need to move?
Visit our consumer website.
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