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International Moving Leads

Find more clients by letting us do the hard work for you. Over 150,000 online customers contact us every year looking for the right moving company.

Our experience is the key to your success

With over 15 years of experience in lead generation, and serving more than 500 international moving partners, we’re confident you won’t find a better provider to help grow your business. Through online advertising, our team works hard every day to find and connect you with the right online consumers.

About our moving company leads


100% of our leads are checked manually for discrepancies


97% of our leads are delivered to you within 30 minutes


15 years experience in lead generation


Servicing our clients in 8 languages

It goes without saying that we’re very proud of our moving leads, but what makes them different to other lead providers in our industry? Our team is ready to answer that question, so please call us at +31 088 2300 600. In short, we've also tried to give you a brief explanation below.

Market specific online knowledge

We’ve been in the moving industry for about 16 years now. Meaning we know how to attract people that are moving abroad, we know what they are looking for and we know how to satisfy their needs. We have a team of more than 10 dedicated online marketing specialists that spend every day finding as many, and the best type of clients for you.

Our service is simple to use

Moving leads can be entered straight into your system. Our software is compatible with 95% of CRM systems. If you don’t have a CRM system, you can manage your account anytime through your Mover Portal. Are you going on holidays? Or are you too busy? No worries, we can pause or cap your account for a maximum of 8 weeks per year so that you manage your budget and avoid wasting money on leads that you can't use.

Quality over quantity

We strive for the best quality, always. We try to do so by processing all our leads manually. There will not be one single lead sent to you without a person checking the information beforehand. In addition, we also use technology, alghoritms and filters to verify email addresses, phone numbers and other data to ensure you have the best chance of converting your lead. These checks mean that we discard more than 30% of all moving requests that enter our system before dispersing them to you.

That being said, there is still a risk that not all leads will result in a new client as we sell moving 'opportunities' not moving 'clients'. Our goal is to connect you to your next potential based on the information the consumer sends to us.

Global coverage

We are an international moving leads provider, and operate in all continents. The upside is that you can access new customer pools from new sales channels. The challenge is that they operate in all different time zones. We know how important it is to approach a prospect when it's warm, so we built 24/7 coverage to ensure you're always connected. Our lead processing team exists of people living in various continents of the world who check your leads 24 hours per day. In fact, 97% of our leads are delivered to you within 30 minutes.

Need more proof?

We take our points of difference seriously, and so should you. Working with our moving requests means that you have the highest chance of conversion in the industry.


We're experts in online advertising
and operate exclusively for the moving industry. Our refined searches ensure that every dollar spent has the best chance of attracting new business.


Moving requests are entered straight into your system. Our software is compatible with 95% of CRM systems. Manage your account anytime through your Mover Portal.


Going on holidays? Too busy? No worries, we can pause or cap your account for a maximum of 8 weeks per year so that you don’t waste money on leads you can’t use. 


Choose what’s the most important to you and tailor your account to receive moving requests that play to your strengths as a mover.


We advertise in 8 languages, so that you can connect to a worldwide selection of new potential customers and sales channels.


Each moving request is strictly matched to a maximum of 4 other moving companies. 


We check and discard 30% of all moving requests we receive so that you have the best chance of conversion.


Be rewarded and receive additional free leads every month based on your spend.

How it works

Attract new customers via


Consumers search the internet for moving information


They want access to comparisons, reviews, blogs and quotes so they click on one of our many portals


They fill in our request form and our team checks each form manually


Our partners receive this request via e-mail and/or an integrated CRM system


The mover contacts the consumer directly and as soon as possible


Our partner closes the deal and has a new client

Conversion is key

Are you qualified to join our mover network?

We care about the moving industry and its members. That’s why we only service this industry. To ensure our network remains sustainable and competition is fair among all its participants, we strive to work with moving companies whom:

  • Associate themselves with national or international moving associations
  • Are covered for the necessary insurance
  • Understand and professionally manage their online review profiles
  • Service a range of worldwide international routes, or national routes
  • Registered moving companies
  • Value integrity  and uphold a service mentality
  • Seek a long term partnership
  • Open to technology
  • Despise inefficiencies

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