We are TriGlobal and we have a story to tell.

Our industry is changing. Driven by consumers who demand more transparency, more effective ways to gain information, and more convenience, we’re serious about the need to evolve our industry, sustainably.

We embrace this challenge that change is inevitable. Change pushes industry standards and forces us to rethink our inefficiencies. It also reinforces our belief that we need to keep adding real value to the clients we serve and the consumers we connect.

Our mission is to ensure that moving companies remain independent, increase their margins and provide a quality moving service. Similarly, consumers benefit from a fast, transparent and detailed service, so that they can make an informed decision when choosing a moving company and have access to the essential information required when moving.

We strive to be the world leader in connecting prospects to a worldwide community of movers so that the industry can benefit.

Young, Brave, Ambitious

“We are not a moving company, nor a lead provider, but a technology company that eliminates inefficiency, driving the moving industry into a new era”

Why we do what we do.

The current industry climate that we operate in, will eventually suffer from its lack of transparency and inefficiency. It needs to change to meet today’s consumer-needs. We drive this change so that the industry can safely move into a new era and moving companies can continue to profit.

Valuing values

We think, act and react from a value perspective. It matters to us what companies stand for and what they promise. It comes down to feeling, dignity, credibility, and ultimately what they believe in.

Honest and courageous

We truly believe in the concept that if we create value, profit will follow. We follow our intuition and aren’t afraid to stand out from the crowd. Our courage stems from the need to constantly add value to the relationships we hold dear and push the boundaries that intimidate us.

Thought leader through expertise

With 15 years of experience, exclusively operating in the moving industry, we’ve gained a vast and broad knowledge of the marketplace. As a technology company, we are forced to think from a different perspective; we need to understand what pains the industry, then turn it into an innovation that can benefit the industry.

Belief in the industry

Not being tied to any mover, association or consumer, we are agile and driven to improve the whole industry. We believe in a need to keep individual moving companies in the game, whilst being able to feed the hunger of today’s consumer. To do that, we strive to bridge the gap by creating more transparency and eliminating inefficiency in the industry.

Meet the people 

We’re brave. We care. We innovate. 




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Technology Solutions
for every mover

With 15 years of experience in the moving industry, we understand the challenges moving companies face, and have come up with easy and affordable solutions so that you can find more clients, save on costs and increase your online visibility.

International Moving Leads

Find more clients by letting us do the hard work for you. Over 150,000 online customers contact us looking for the right moving company, so join our network to be one of them. 

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Load Exchange

An innovative "marketplace" for European Moving companies to exchange loads.

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Conversion tools

An easy-to-use and user optimized lead form which will help you generate more leads from your own website.

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Sirelo Moving Platform

Helping movers and consumers connect, efficiently. A moving platform designed to help consumers find you and increase your online trustworthyness. 

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At TriGlobal, we strive for a world where everyone has a voice, and everyone can be themselves.

Our team is driven, international, young and united by the same mission. Every day we work hard to be better than yesterday. We thrive in a challenging, safe and open environment and take bold steps to evolve ourselves, our partners and the industry for the better.

We value your feedback.

The more feedback and questions we receive, the better our product and service can be. Please don't hesitate to ask us about any of our products, services or values and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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